Private Lap Dance Clubs

Re: "CLV"

Don't think my previous post was accurate enough based on the questions I'm seeing so I'll try and add more details.

-Dances : Sucked on a girls tit (have danced with her in the past). Had another good dance with another girl I met(agressive/smacking) .Did not make out with anyone.

- Venue: When you walk in there's a center area with couches and a stage on the far side of the room (no stripper pole). Large Bar to the right hand side. There's a second floor with seating/ more dance area as well but I did not go up. There's a hostess/ bathroom attendant/ bouncers/ et. All of this reminded me of the DHT setup (they are walking distance from each other). They had a cabaret show. You are at a strip club .

Dance area: There were two dance area located by the couches in the center of the room. Each area was a Circular shaped couch surrounded by light curtains. Each circular area can hold 5-10 couples. Can't see from across the room what is going on but you can definitely tell people are in there/ see silhoutees and bouncer can stand right outside and look right in (which I guess is similar to past CLV venues). There was also a dance area next to the stage which I did not notice until the end of the night and an upstairs "VIP" dance area (don't know the price).

Overall Impression: Similar girls as before except less "newbies" . You are at a strip club, looks like they are positioning themselves to be an alternative to DHT. Bouncers left me alone but not sure if it's because it was a slow night/ first week. Will prob be going back but have not made up my mind about the venue.
been going to SVT since the beginning and now DHT, Lido, and my buddy actually promotes for silly rabbit. i would say 75% of the girls are just girls doing this a few times a week and are not pros. A lot of the girls i met from there have stupid side jobs like yoga, reiki massage, private jet bookers, holistic crap etc. If the girl thinks youre a fun guy and can show them a good time but taking them to dinner or a night club they will definitely give you their number or instagram name. Im a regular at marquee, lavo, 1oak so i usually tell them lets go party and theyre usually down. The DHT clubhouse is pretty good and i think the girls there are the hottest but its also $100 to get in and i have never seen more than 15-20 guys there. The $20 dances will never be as good as the private room dances at the strip clubs but what do you expect for $ when a private room dance is $500+
They just tell you its against the rules because they dont want to give out their personal number to everyone. Am I allowed to post IG handles here?
CLV on Thursday night. DIfferent venue, back of a restaurant.
Have not been there in quite some time but found an old favorite.
No real privacy but the girls I was with all were into making out and tittie sucking and giving junior a through the pants rub down.
Not sure if I will go back since extras (which I did have) are off the table now, at least at this venue.