Dating site extortion experience

I Didn’t see it on the board for some reason. I literally read “what’s new” every time I’m letting the poison out (of my ass on the bowl). I guess I was constipated on Friday :D...Although it doesn’t hurt to “bump” this type of activity. Be safe out there, choose ur car dates wisely. I’d rather be robbed a few 20’s than be in a viral video. That poor guy taught me a lesson.. If ur gonna monger (as a precaution) Do not get the strap, Bring the Strap.
Recently received an email showing a password I had used in the past and saying that they have accessed my contacts and will send out pics of me masturbating to porn if I didn't send bitcoin to them. Well, good luck to them, as I have never masturbated on line or in front of my computer. That they had the password and handle was a bit disturbing from a general security standpoint, but I cannot trace where it was stolen from as I had used them years ago before heightening security and using different passwords per account. I just deleted the email. Got a second one several days later, ignored and deleted it as well. All quiet since.
i have received numerous such emails over the past couple of years. just deleted them.