Cafe Al (formerly Cafe Royale) Farmingdale

Stopped by yesterday at about 4pm to watch end of Jets game. Only 2 dancers and 2 to 3 other customers. 2 other dancers were supposed to be there but had not shown up by 6pm.
Haven't been here at night in several years but stopped by on both Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesday the dancers were almost exclusively woc or latinas. Saw only one white dancer (early 20s and good looking). A few of the woc were very sexy. On Friday there were more sexy woc and several good looking Eastern Europeans. Several of the dancers mentioned that they used to (perhaps still do) work on the Edison strip. To me this strongly suggested that there would be plenty of mileage in the VIP room. Spent 30 very enjoyable minutes in the VIP room with a sexy woc. Unusual for me since in the past have had a thing for Russian dancers. Will definitely return and repeat. Damage for VIP was $250 plus an unsolicited tip for excellent service.
Stopped by at night twice this past week. Mixed results. One very BAD experience in VIP room. Dancer basically gave me awful lap dances and expected a tip. No way was I tipping her. Other evening did not go into VIP but had a pleasant time flirting with a white dancer at bar. The dancer from my very nice VIP experience was supposed to be there but either came very late or had to cancel (will look for her next weekend).
Stopped by Friday night. Many day shift dancers were still there because there were so few customers during the day. Lots of dancers but not that many customers by the time I left (just before 11pm).
Stopped by late last night (11pm - late for me). Not too many customers but a reasonable number of dancers - not as many as a Friday or Saturday. Flirted with a few at the bar. A nice selection of dancers present. Stayed about 2 hours.
Stopped in Friday night about 12am. Since it's the holiday season, I thought of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and the Land of the Misfit Toys for I was surely in The Land of the Misfit Strippers. Probably the worst collection I have ever seen in my life. Absolutely brutal. Half of them looked like they came up through Mexico in that caravan where they walked 1500 miles with little food and managed not to lose a pound. From the combination of this trip with my daytime Halloween trip unlike MacArthur I shall not return....ever.
Unfortunately I tend to agree with The Exiled and Route95. There seem to be a few hotties but not nearly as many as in the past. Also where have all the hot "Russians" gone? Maybe they all work in the city now.
Went last night about 10pm. First evening visit in a while. Very few customers. Reasonable number of dancers mostly Lainas and WOC. Several good looking woc but most of the dancers were only average. I had a nice time sitting at the bar and talking to a hot woc.
Last time I was there, the girls had 2 hummingbirds on each side of her va jay jay and said damn I never met anyone b4 that liked pussy more than you do. My last 20 was in that hoover . LOL
A shooting happened at Mirage early this morning, two people ,1 guy ,1 girl. No other details right now.
Happened at around 3:30am. Guy is dead, girl in hospital. A car ended up at Sunoco at Merritts and Hempstead tpk. Suff PD at strip club and NC PD at Sunoco investigating. Farmingdale straddles NC and SC so both needed. Check News12 for more details as day goes on.