631-319-0825 scam duo

The truth is, she had the right line of shit. I am a sucker for young, single mothers.

I read your story, but this wasn't a Hotel date. It is my home.
Maybe the reason she decided not to come, was that she realized it would be difficult to steal?
(Or maybe I was just too nice a guy to steal from?) Either one is better than being out $$$ with a dry dick.

She got lots of facetime out of this, sooner or later.......
Wow im not criticizing but you got balls to invite a hood rat chic like this in your house/safe place. Im glad you saved your self and didnt get ripped off. I think they think twice before going to a private house and thats why they dont do car dates.
You cannot make this shit up!

NOW I realize why she ghosted!

I met her 2 years ago, we had drinks near her house.
We couldn't get a room, and she photographs better than she looks in person.
(I like spinners)
I almost forgot her, but she called ME in December 2017.
(gotta love the whores of Christmas)
She came here, spent an hour or so, it was unremarkable.
I never gave it another thought (obviously!)

I know her real name, I know where she lives.
The daughter is real, the drama with babysitters is real.
The girl that I dealt with, although uneducated, was a decent person,

I guess the reason that she didn't just come in, was that she didn't want to compromise her security?
I would never reveal something told to me in confidence.
It would make me feel less of myself.
I don't have to worry about whom I entertain, there are NEVER valuables in my apartment.
(even my laptop runs XP!)

I don't know where the desperation comes from, she doesn't have a drug problem (or didn't 2 years ago)
This is not something that you wake up craving at 3 AM.
I hope things get better for her, being a single parent is hard. I know from personal experience.
I understand fully the purpose of why a thread is moved to the Coliseum. That wasn't what I meant. "How is it different" ties in with affecting placement or activity. It doesn't. Whether a thread is in the Coliseum or any other forum has absolutely no bearing on where it appears in the New posts or What's new listings. So if a member is just reading through the list to see which threads have been updated, they would have to glance down at the second line in each listing to look at type that is about half the size to see which forum it appears in. I for one have never made a decision about whether or not to read a thread based on that and I venture to guess that most do not either. I would post a poll about that, but I have found that they are useless, not to mention that you and I have both noted how they weren't even working the last time we tried it.

As to your rebuttal to my second point, I don't see how I made your point. My point was that it didn't affect placement. And as I pointed out above, it does not affect placement in the listings. And it clearly did not affect activity since it continued to garner activity until the very end. So if no one cared about it, why did people continue to post in there? And I clearly disagree with your last statement that it contained no useful information, as I absolutely think the last statement was a definitive assessment of all that went on regarding that scenario and was indeed the last word that needed to be said in there, thus the reason for closing it.

I purposely posted in this manner in order to discuss this as just any other member and not get personal. But apparently temptation got the best of you and you just couldn't avoid getting that little dig in at the end. You are some piece of work.
I agree with you that I look at latest activity and I don't look where it is taking place. However I also agree with Billy I think the best mods are the ones who don't have to always have the last word. Once and while I get it but not always.
I am speculating here, but her ad contains the phrase "NO CREEPY MEN"
Which leads me to believe that her attitude towards males has deteriorated during the last two years.
It is not difficult to understand how a desperate, unsophisticated girl could find herself in situations that makes one question one's faith in humanity. I SUSPECT that her "friend" is her GOOD friend, and the attitude about men has been cultivated. Again, this is pure speculation on my part.

Makes me sad...
"Their friend Ammodyte?"

Huh? Did I miss something?

I never met the BW, I fucked the girl in the photo ONCE.

Friend? I guess you make friends easily.

There is a difference between "bjsiness" and "friendship."

Business ALWAYS involves money.
STILL AT IT! (The latest ad.) Still using 631-770-5335!

Sat 18 May 2019 03:01 AM
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Names on SA?

Or are you just such a nitwit that doesn't understand than unless you link to, or provide some other info other than the phone number, we have no idea WTF you are talking about? Name on SA, name they advertise with...
This coming from some asshole with 20 posts in a year and a half .. go back to your lurking shit bird