Why was my post deleted?

WTF? My last post to 74-A Forsythe was deleted again!!!
Can anyone give me some clue to why? It's discouraging.
Unless anyone can recall it and venture a guess, it would be fairly difficult to do so without it being visible anymore.
But hopefully the mod that deleted it saw your plea and will answer.

Slinky Bender

The All Powerful Moderator
WTF? My last post to 74-A Forsythe was deleted again!!!
Can anyone give me some clue to why? It's discouraging.
Before I even look I know it broke the rules
"12) If you post to a thread, and it gets deleted, it means we meant to delete it. Do not repost it."
Can someone tell me why my thread that i 're posted in correct format deleted,But the one i posted that was wrong was kept and locked? Can we not make a mistake then correct it in proper format?Then i was blocked for a week no warning no reason nothing. How can i correct the issue if i have no clue why?
I posted a thread called "Lola in Lindenhurst" that was deleted.
Please tell me what I did wrong, so I don't repeat.
I am not typing that all over again. It might get deleted again!


Go ahead. Try me.
I asked why "Lola in Lindenhurst" was deleted, *POOF* it reappeared!
So now, I will ask why I am on Moderation, when I joined this site 2 years ago?
To my knowledge, it was never approved, and you are only seeing it because you posted it. I'm deleting it now because it broke a rule.

In the middle of that rule-breaking thread you asked "WHEN DO I COME OFF "MODERATION?" DELAYED REPLIES ARE TIRESOME!"

It's ridiculously funny to ask when you come off moderation in the middle of a thread that would contribute to getting you moderated.

Moderation is not temporary. Delayed replies are the price you pay for not paying attention to the rules. The mod's are not here to fix your mistakes. Don't ask us to correct a mistake in a post. Don't ask us when you get off moderation. Deal with it.

If there comes a time when all of your posts for an extended period of time follow the rules of the site, then perhaps Slinky will choose to take you off moderation. But I wouldn't hold your breath and I certainly wouldn't ask again.
THANK YOU for the explanation. No sarcasm there, any explanation is preferable to silence.
I was under the mistaken impression that Moderation was something applied to all "newbies" so I was wondering when I would become an "old timer." ( I registered on this site 2 years ago.)

I would re-compose "Lola in Lindenhurst" (because I know there are two of our users who are seeking that information) but ONLY if you send me the phone number that was in the title. The reason for this, is that she must advertise with a dozen telephone numbers (pimp?) but ONLY THAT ONE WORKS. The research is onerous.

As mentioned in the post, her image is already on UG, but with a different name and number.

Thank you for your service to the hobbyist community. I have found this site most informative, and want to give back some of what I have received. Information here has saved me from unpleasant experiences, as well as pointing me toward pleasant ones. If anything I have done made your work harder, I sincerely apologize.

Lola's number that you posted was 631-522-2486. But might I suggest that rather than starting a new thread for her, you instead post about her in the thread where you say her photo is.
I write here but no posts wtf.

Mod Note: yes you have 15 posts that have been deleted because they either made no sense or you were trying to ask a question with your first post, which isn't allowed.
To this point you have not attempted to make any solid contributions. Please go read the rules and try again.
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