whats ur fetish?

I have a cuckold fetish. And also a fetish for whored, hookers, sluts whatever you want to call them. I have a 5 inch dick a d love to ha e it be called small, and also love to see a big cock fuck a girl in front of me. Jerk off to it or participate also. Just love to see how much more they enjoy the big cock and how much more it makes them moan. etc. Also dated escorts before so I like my girls to get fucked by other men basically. The sluttier and bigger the whore the better.
biggest fetish was my cousin 5'1" nice body and DD, i mean DD and natural and not droopy just firm and perfect.... i had the guts to let her know how much i wanted to fuck her around 2011. of course she said no because she was married and didnt want to get into stuff like that at the moment. of course i apologized and i said no problem that i would always look forward to banging her even though she was my cousin i just could not avoid wanting her. kinda got distant from me for a couple of months, she started to get closed again soon..... what do you know in 2014 i get a phone called and she brought up the subject and i again apologized and she said dont be silly (i am asking you if you still want to fuck me) my heart started beating like a motherfucker!!! next thing i knew i was her boyfriend even though she was married to her i was her boyfriend even gave it a "started dating date" and was counting the months, well after a month of only making out and burying my face in her nice breasts i finally fucked her, holy shit was one of the best days!!!! we fucked a bunch of time, was great in bed and gave amazing bbj's, she requested us to stop fucking a couple of months after b/c she didnt want to ruin her marriage which i agreed to, we still visit each other & see each other at family events, we both know we want at it again but we have to be careful when we decide to :).
Never knew I was a tit man. Always loved ass and legs until I started up with a SO with 38DD.
She is an absolute freak and literally does everything and anything and has brought me into the dominant side.
Loves to be choked wax play finger blasted the whole 9 yards.
The first time she opened her bra I thought this could be fun but I froze. Where do you start
Well she decided to use my face as a riding toy and found out she squirts, loves to squirt on me then have me worhip her tits before she licks every inch of her tits clean then she gets to me and between her tits tongue and ass every time is so different.
Last night was hot wax on her nipples and she came from that and very little clit play.
Now she wants to get a remote control vibrator (she wants an app controlled one so when I’m at work she can be at play).
Watching her tits bounce in any position is outrageous to say the least.
Wants also to take me to a strip club and states she wants to suck me off while I’m getting a lapdance. Hopefully will be a very memorable birthday
I like making arrangements to meet another man's wife or girlfriend.
I have met some nice people this way. Problem is, not a lot of couples advertise. I REALLY like desperate single mom or housewife types.

if I'm extra generous, and offer a lot of help.... this seems to be a benefit.