Review -- Wendy -- RedHead Spinner -- she knows what she is doing

I guess it wasn't meant to be. almost 2wks of calls and no prevail. Last time a saw a post stated last night going back home. hopefully just a vacate. wendy let us know when you're back in town.
worth the hunt and anticipatition.

Finally got to see the infamous wendy.
I'm not going to repeat any descriptions or play by play since it been done before.
What I can and will say is that if you're looking for a cute young spinner type, she is def the one. Wendy is cute, sweet and very affectionate. I know this sounds crazy, Im a big fan of bbbj like everyone else but I can honestly say her cbj game is better the some bbbj by other providers. Now if had a choice btwn some weak bbbj or great cbj. I think I'll opt for the skilled cbj. will def repeat and catch her if you can.


funny how a simple word can get peoples attention. I also agree wendy is a great provider. I have the luxury seeing a few times. I did ask the last session about greek and she stated that she use to offer it when she first got into the biz. I did manage a digit during our session, and wow it and tight. I had trouble with just one lubed finger.
NJprover, was this a ymmv or do you know if she's offering it on her menu again. Greek is still something I have not done with a provider and I'm sure inquiring minds would like to know.
I was just looking at these ads in BP this week and thought it must be an agency because of the two names with the same location listed. Looking forward to meeting you both, maybe at the same time???