Review -- Wendy -- RedHead Spinner -- she knows what she is doing

you can schedule an appointment the same day. and she does incall in NJ and outcall to NYC, (you have to pay for her cab). I understand that she is planning on doing an incall trip to NYC in the future but i dont know the details.

Has anybody else seen her aside from me?
and the one hour rate does NOT include multiples so i would not recommend that. she wants an extra bill for another round. doing some simple math..... i thought thats what i allready gave her 250-150=100

Thank You I just found out about this place, um i just started the new traveling thing this is my first time outside of nnj so i probably wont be making it out to the ny area at east until next month , but i have never been to long island is it like the city, or urban , or more suburbs?
long island is familiar to the locations your familiar with in NNJ.

Because i like you, i just want to give you a heads up about the rules here at UG. You are of course welcome and encouraged to post here about all kinds of things. However, becuase your not a paid advertiser, (more on that in a second), mentioning things like where and when you will be somewhere, even if it does not include contact information is not allowed. You can talk about other things. Like for example.. how big my cock is... and how good i am in the sack and how you took it like a champ but couldnt sit down for a day and a half... but... you cant "advertise" unless your an "advertiser"

I recommend that you check out becoming an advertiser. Its not expensive, and the providers here report that it works, and it keeps you sort of off the beaten track and the guys are more of a known commodity so it it has its advantages.

you can find the rules at the very top of the forum index where it says "begin here"
CNJ Hopeful


Welcome to UG! I've seen your ads for a while, but after the review here on UG I really started hoping could make it happen. I just sent you an email about your current Backpage ad (says Piscataway, but recently in Edison). Hoping for Piscataway, it's a bit closer than Edison but both beat Secaucus for me.

Hope to hear from you (and see you ) soon!
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You all aren't missing much. Cbj and no more greek offered. She also could have freshened up a bit before a client comes over. She seemed a little uptight especially since her personal life she's fucked everybody that came her way. Even admitted that while living in a poor inner city, she was "the white girl everybody could fuck."