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Tonight I took advantage of the free admission offer from Password Events at the FiDi location. I figured with free admission there would be bigger attendance. I don't know what normal is for this spot but if this was "more" God help them.

I got there around 9:30 and everyone involved in the venue was extremely pleasant. But inside there were less than 10 customers, almost as many "security" of sorts and about the same number of dancers. Looks of dancers was average at best. Spoke with 2 the second of which talked about being a professional dancer who also worked at mainstream clubs, how much money she makes at this place (I highly doubt it) and how she likes over charging guys who don't know better. Then she got snippy when I declined to give her a tip for talking to me.

Is this what these parties have come to or are the others far superior? Or perhaps this was a bad night?

Re:CLV I haven't received an email since May which is why I asked.
I still get emails but they have changed the name of their operation to Hot Spot. They are in the West 20's and have been consistently at the same venue for a few months now.
I have not been there lately but quality was down the last time I visited and I have not been in a rush to go back.
Might consider it again but not sure.