Private Lap Dance Clubs

They are also soliciting payments for videos of the dancers on a page asking for CC info. Could this be a scam to rip off CC's? Not sure if this is LE. Why would LE solicit men to visit an underground club?

Slinky Bender

The All Powerful Moderator
I didn't say they were LE, just that this is the type of thing some smart assed LE would come up with. There's tons of former LE in the SC business (and a lot of them thinks it's ok to do whatever they want to the "pervs" who are now their customers. In fact, no matter what the business is, my experience is former LE have tremendous disrespect for any customers who aren't current or former LE themselves)

PS this whole luxury loft, pay videos, etc thing seems more than vagely reminiscent of the Jason Itzler/NY Confidential saga. Although this seems like the type of thing cooked up by a long term foot fetish promoter who was always trying to raise money to build some "palace" that never quite lived up to his sales pitch.

PPS they seem to have stuff they need 2257 for.