Name a movie with hookers in the plot line that you really enjoyed.

Wow, all the movies so far are pretty old ones. Did anyone see The Equalizer with Denzel Washington ? This is a great movie. Denzel seeks revenge on behalf of an aquintance who is a hooker. Highly recommend watching this movie.


Takes a pinky
The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete
I saw this last night on HBO. From 2013. Jennifer Hudson plays a tated up hooker with a heroin addiction in a Brooklyn housing project. Damn I'd like to find her on Cozine!
Jordan Sparks plays a Sugar Baby who escaped the projects because of older white sugar daddy.
Except for maybe the scene where a john gives JH the eye in a diner and she steps away from her son and the other kid and blows the guy in the men's room, the protrayal's were pretty realistic.
Gritty movie.