Hot slutty NPFP MILF's...... Are they worth it?

When they want money then they come on these sites. There is no shortage of dicks for a Nympho in this World. Every corner, every road, every shop there are eyes checking them out and a dick saluting them.
There is no shortage of hot slutty women 40+ running around our parts. Married, divorced, single. They can usually be identified quickly by trying to dress and act like 18-25 year old girls. Tight yoga pants, revealing tops, no ring or a big ring. Sometimes bigger the ring bigger the whore. You can find them in grocery stores, gyms, parks, malls.
If you are relatively in shape, good looking and a 25-35 year old male you can have these women all day. If you have some game and PUA skills it’s easy.

however what I’ve found is a large percentage of them are on psych meds, really mental off the rails. Sometimes the more professional their career the crazy they are, personality wise and in bed. They have so many toxic traits and drama around them that often it’s not worth fucking more than once or twice. Huge headaches and problems arise from them where It reminds me of why the aspect of paying a provider is sometimes worth the stress free nature of having to deal with a nutcase. There are elements to the NP4P pickups that are fun but often it’s not worth the squeeze. Had another experience like this last week hence why I’m letting it out.


Reign of Terror
So many good points in this post I had to make it its own thread and open it up for discussion and stories of conquest.

Lol, when I was first reading this I was like @Massy , shut up you're spilling a lot of my secrets.

But honestly I agree with so much of this.
One thing I'll slightly disagree with ..."If you are relatively in shape, good looking and a 25-35 year old male you can have these women all day".
I would just expand the age range up a little because I'm out of that range but do well in Atlantic City with the MILF's when I choose to go that way.
Man- I’m jealous…I think?
Tempted to drive down this path, but who needs the headaches.

I work with a married guy- Either side of 60- Would suggest average looking, friendly, outgoing

Sunk his teeth into 2 divorced women- All they want is a decent meal and a hotel bed afterwards - NSA fucking- for now, he claims..

He had to turn one away- Her appetite for sex was too much for him, 3-4x a week.

I need to get out more
If you follow the coverage of such things you will note a major uptick in articles on women experiencing mid-life spiraling.

It is approaching epidemic proportions. Many affairs. Lots of divorce. Husbands suddenly being told, "I love you but I am not in love with you anymore." Gives the old cliches about male mid-life crisis a real run for its money.

The ironic thing is that, like their male counterparts frequently find out, they get divorced and find their are no happier than they were before. Much "second thoughts" five, three to five years out, and attempts to reconnect that are frequently - and emphatically - met with, "Not on your life. Your nuts,", reactions from the former husbands.

I am a firm believer in equality between the sexes, but this kind of "I want to be just like any man" wasn't in their best interest.
It weird. If a decent looking older guy wants to get a younger girl, he needs to be in shape , good looking and needs to have the appearance of someone who has a lot of money. But If a older milf wants to hook up with a younger guy, she just needs to walk into a bar with her make up done and she can have her pick of any younger single guy willing to bang her out for the night.

I have dipped into the Middle Aged and older milfs. The lesson I’ve learned is to offer to pay them. That way there's no emotion. It’s a business transaction. The first woman I banged after splitting with my ex was a 48 manhasset gilf who had a fuck pad in the basement of a house in bellmore. I was 37. She was a great filthy slutty fuck. But she was psycho. Calls of just flat out screaming at 2 am, offering to pick my kids up from school, no thanks. I blocked her. The next 4-5 women I hooked up with, I offered to pay them. They looked at me crazy asking why. I said I’m paying them so there’s no emotional connection or attachment. They all worked out great. All of them were really fun fucks. And when I was done, there was no arguing or calls in the middle of the night . They got the hint.