Hooking Up At The Mall

are great places to see lot of pussy walkin around and if you catch someone checking YOU out then by all means talk to them. you never know what can transpire! good luck.
P.S. i was trying on pants and asked the woc from a major dept store who workd there to tell me how thy look after trying them on. she said they look fine and she grabbed my hand and said "you need anything else?" i said yeah. she closed the door to the dressing room and gave me a nice bbj. .40 & got her number and she said call me sometime.
Damn you lucky S.O.B!!! Sounds like something straight out of a porno. Wish that kind of stuff happened to me haha.....

Gavvy Cravath

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This is like taking candy from a baby. Reporting live from the Roosevelt Field Mall, two numbers from different girls within 20 minutes of each other. Both under 25. One black, one white.

Easy as pie...

...will I call and date these women? Who knows? But it's fun running game.
Hey guys, I've been following this thread since November, and I'd really like to set up almost like a "ride along" with someone to show me the ropes. I'm 19 btw
Hey guys, I've been following this thread since November, and I'd really like to set up almost like a "ride along" with someone to show me the ropes. I'm 19 btw
I will give you some pointers though.

1) Be confident. The more confident you are in yourself the more confident the woman will be in you.
2) Have a swagger. Don't be a dick, but have a little bit of arrogance about you.
3) Put in the time. If you are pursuing someone who works at a retailer in the mall don't try to get everything the first time, put in some time in a non-creepy way (buy shit at the store when you know she's working).
4) Dress nice. Don't look like a bum, but don't show up in a suit and tie either.

But the most important pointer of all is to know when to move on.
If you work at the mall, i bet its probably way easier to get all of the best local pussy. Like you are part of the zone, all you gotta do is set the grease at the entrance to your lairs and the willing closeted whores would just come in. I am only inferring this on the spot but this works for those who put in time at the workplace elsewhere.

HOWEVER do enlighten us from the customer's perspeftive because it honestly harf to tell because they come at you but you know its because they really want to sell you their stuff or the store products.

The closest i been, i say closest becaused i fucked up, was with coffee server/barista at a cafe. Mistakes where made, two hours later she was shagging a friend of mine on her car.

For those wondering how ifu, I asker if she liked food.(yes i used those exact same generic words) A really dumb question to which she got a good laugh, then my friend went into supreme cockbloking mode and did the magic by asking if she wanted to grab a something after her shift was over.

Major advise: try to be smooth but dont think with the other head
If only it was as easy as "setting grease." I do work in a mall with a fairly decent tourism community, so I've often considered just totally winging it and dishing out my best material on a girl who barely speaks any english and seeing what happens.
if i worked at the mall (never happen) i would be hitting on lot of them. ya know lets get some coffee, i see you here a lot, where do you work, etc. etc. all it takes is some decent convo, nice smile and a good sense of humor. that's all you need. Being handsome doesn't hurt things. UPDATE: not gonna be roaming the malls alone anymore. Well maybe sometimes but no pick-ups. Got a beautiful gf now and a new baby! The cycle of life. P.S. i didnt meet her at the mall. ;-)

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So, I am looking at the Roosevelt Field Mall right now. Thinking of the memories. When I toned down the wasteful spending on Roosevelt with a 25% (if that) success rate, I started taking clients to the mall. And , wow, December was the best at the mall.

There was the thick Salvadoran girl from the Verizon Store (when it was there). Fun girl. She was a transition girl, still had my foot in the scene on Roosevelt.

There was the slender bleach blonde Honduran from Mrs. Fields. Great sex. Loudest chick ever. I'd have dated her seriously but she was a bitch. She just wasn't nice.

And now, the mother of my two kids. Met her in December 2012. I won't give her up because she still works there! Man. How life has changed.

Off to the Hempstead stroll.! LoL

Gavvy Cravath

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So, I'm here. A few hours after the drama from earlier today. I'm sitting opposite Na Hoku, looking at Macy's sign. And I'm wondering: why do I have two kids, mortgage and wife?

Meeting women was never easier. Meeting women at the mall during the month of December is like taking candy from a baby.

1 - cute mid 20s girl at a shoe store , couldn't believe it, but got her number.

2 - real done up, make up heavy black girl in Macy's. Graduated HS in 2013. I joked about my age, spoke about my wife, still got her number.

3 - mid 40ish sort of milf Latina in a cheesy soap store called "lush". Well, scratch her off the list because she got creeped out when I pushed the envelop with the "touch of the elbow, Merry Christmas" routine.

But 2 numbers in 20 minutes? The 2nd one I might pursue. Heck, she knows I'm married and I still got her number. Maybe she needs a sugar daddy? I just need a blow job a week from someone else. Is that too much to ask?

Back out there shopping. Man, I miss being single. I was the happiest single guy. Guys under 40: stay single for as long as you can.
You still owe me a night out at the Fichas! Really wish we had pursued the idea of a mobile party going from spot to spot. Pick up some friends at the mall first. Tellem we're going Dancin. It's Never too late ya know. If I had a Bucket List. That just may be on it.
Just sayin