Hi, I'm new here

Hey guys just wanted to ask if my comments in the forum being removed are because something is off in what I’m writing

Mod: for the most part yes. As a newbie you tend to ask alot of questions and/or make comments that contribute little to the threads. My advice is get some solid reviews under your belt and you will find your way off moderation quicker.

I read the rules and try to follow them. If you can let me know my missteps it would be Appreciated. I really do place try to stay with in the Boundaries,but I could be wrong
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Hello All! Just unearthed the old accounts and am delighted that UG is still around! Been a member since 2001! I could tell you some stories lol. SLINKY! Haven't seen you since the last Red Door party.....so...I'm back in the game for a bit..older, wiser...a bit of a healthier wallet....let's have some fun! How can I help out keep this place going ? MMNYC
Hi everyone,

It is a sad day today for me. I had just finished my review of an out of state amp and I was making plans to visit another when I saw a pic of my gf on my phone. It was then I realized that all these things I do with these many providers I can get for free with someone hotter whom I actually have an emotional connection with built upon on a long time of conversation and trust (ironic that i speak of trust after my actions). I will henceforth devote my time to continuing to train her to by my perfect lover and working towards creating a body of my own worthy of how hot she is.

This is my resignation. This is my retirement. And this is my leaving you all. Good luck to you all and I hope that I may never be caught for the things I have done. I wish the same for my fellow sinners out there...both here on UG and outside.

Why is a marriage like a hurricane?

They both start out with a lot of sucking and blowing, and in the end, you lose your house!
I hope the next guy appreciates her "training".....it's all good.
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Welcome back to UG sir, @madmaxxxnyc!! Please forgive the irony of a relative newbie welcoming a near founding member, so to speak!

Thanks ! Much appreciated. And it is fellows like yourself that have kept this place alive and I’m grateful for that. Plus I’ve a lot to learn/relearn. Like, why are people putting the pound sign in front of words calling them hashtags? Lol. J/k