Hi, I'm new here

Hello everybody, my name is Allen, and although I am new, I am not brand-new.
I joined this board before the law changed, and put the notorious sites out of business.
Although my first two reviews were negative (AMP in Little Neck, Fast House in Bayside)
as soon as I made some enthusiastic comments, I was accused of Pimping.
I think Pimps are a sub-human life-form. In person it might result in a spirited discussion,
but in Cyberland, you just have to roll with the punches. Then the domain changed, and when I
found the site again, I remained a lurker.

After a close call with the rip-off crew, ("Scam Duo")I knew that I had to share this information with other hobbyists.
I didn't even remember my Password, but reset it by using the e-mail that I registered with.
I owe a debt to this site, and being a moral person, I must repay it, because that is who I am.
It took a while to realize that one must NEVER allow another to control who one is.
Each of us is the Master of our own ship.
I am back on this board after many years away. Trying to understand why a couple of posts I made went through and others are only visible to me. Anyway...already made some connections being back, just hoping to contribute more regularly if my posts can go through