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Is the $3,900 all inclusive or is it $3,900 base and $1,000 for each day after you get there? The girls are included every day or is there a limit and do you have to ever go back into your wallet to pay for girls?
The $3900 is inclusive, covering your room, all meals, drinks, and your companion. What is not covered is any activity outside of the villa. During my stay, we went to the beach every day, went out dancing twice, went for Ice Cream once, and had a meal in a nice restaurant. All of that came to under $150. If you look at the FAQ on their website, they state that "like any fine establishment, tipping is expected, but not enforced". I bought my companion a small gift, and tipped her at the end of my stay.
There are a couple things I'd like to know, but I wont be going regardless. I'm married with a girlfriend and I'm a part time hobbyist, My money is already spent.

First question: these girls, can you chose to keep them in your room and fuck as much as you want? I'm already paying for everything, why would I want to take them out on a date?
If I want to date a girl in order to get into her pants, thats easy enough to do here, nevermind the fact it's cheaper too.
From what I've read, it almost seems like you're only getting limited nookie in the evenings.
For 3 grand, I'd like to employ the maximum ass for my buck.
If I chose to do the tourist thing, it would probably be foreign whoring, and I doubt these girls would be into that.

Secondly, and no offense. You're both fairly new posters here. Hopefully you'd understand if I'm a little suspicious of your recommendations.
I’m going to reply to these in reverse order:

>>>Secondly, and no offense. You're both fairly new posters here. Hopefully you'd >>understand if I'm a little suspicious of your recommendations.

There are two ways to take this comment – Since you say you mean no offense, I’d like to assume that you mean that since I do not have a history of posts, you do not know if my taste in these matters matches your own. After all, what floats your boat may not work for me, and vise versa. I can respect that. The problem is that I doubt that that was your meaning. Basically, you’re calling me a liar, and there is no way to do that with “no offense”. I am not a new poster, as I first posted on UG in September 2002. I am an infrequent poster, mainly because work takes me to San Francisco on a regular basis, and most of my hobbying dollars are spent there. Consequently I tend to be post more often on the various MBOT discussion boards. My East Coast activities over the past couple of years have consisted of booking an appointment with one of the mid to upper level agency girls 2 or 3 times a year. Since this limits the amount of hard info I have to add to the group, I don’t post here often. Since none of my previous posts concerned Viking, I do not appreciate being called a shill. I only started this thread to see if any independent info was available before dropping a grand on a deposit/

Now for your question:

>>First question: these girls, can you chose to keep them in your room and fuck as >>much as you want?
>>I'm already paying for everything, why would I want to take them out on a date?
>>If I want to date a girl in order to get into her pants, thats easy enough to do >>here, nevermind the fact it's cheaper too.
>>From what I've read, it almost seems like you're only getting limited nookie in the >>evenings.

How much is “as much as you want”? The girl is with you 24 hours a day and to a large extent moves into your room for the duration. Can you actually spend 16 hours a day having sex? I don’t know if you can, but I sure can’t. If you can, tell me how you avoid the need for skin grafts on your Johnson. Maybe I’m showing my age, but 3 or 4 times a day keeps me pretty happy.
As to the “dates” – would you really go to a tropical island and spend the entire time in your room? I didn’t go out because I had to to get laid, I went out because I was on vacation and enjoy going to the beach, dancing, gambling, and having a good meal. All of those activities are even more enjoyable with a killer babe on your arm. One of the guys there took his girl to historical and cultural sites over his stay. To each his own, but I bet the babe makes a historical site better as well.

>>For 3 grand, I'd like to employ the maximum ass for my buck.

Personally I take quality over quantity. That’s why this discussion is in the “High End” Forum. As I said earlier, I am DAMN picky about providers.

>>If I chose to do the tourist thing, it would probably be foreign whoring, and I doubt these girls would be into that.

Correct on that. It does not sound like your cup of tea. The atmosphere at Viking is much more honeymoon than whorehouse.
How recent are you after? I went in October, and went back in Febuary. I'm thinking of going for their "cruise" event this October. It's not really a cruise, they charter a big party boat for a day.
All of the girls know some English, but the level varies widely. Some girls spoke English better than the some of the guests; a few had a basic English vocabulary, but were not really able to converse. Most fall in the middle, able to hold a basic conversation, with an occasional problem with specific words or phrases.
Sign language was never a necessity, but since you spend a lot of time with the girl, the better language skills do make for a better time. If you go, talk to as many of the girls as possible on the day you arrive, and find one with a level of communication that you are conformable with.
My 2 cents...

I spent Thanksgiving week at Viking for my 40th birthday. Overall, it was a very mixed experience.

Avoid the hurricane season and the end of hurricane season. The last week in November wasn't particularly nice. The week before I got there was much wetter but it was overcast almost all the time and the ocean was really rough. The pool and jacuzzi didn't have heaters and at that time of year they were so cold that you couldn't enjoy them.

Learn as much Spanish as you can. You may need it, particularly at the airport. Dean's driver didn't show up on time when my flight arrived. He was 1-1/2 hours late and dealing with the cab stand folks and porters outside the airport in Puerto Plata was a real hassle. Not a good way to start the vacation of a lifetime. You may also get scammed by porters and security screeners and DR Federal Security agents as your depart.

The villa in the photos on the Viking website and in the Playboy TV video segment and Viking's own video isn't the standard villa I stayed in or the executive villa they were using when I was there. Neither the current standard villa or executive villa were as nice as the villa they claimed was their standard villa when the videos were made. Both standard and executive villas weren't as large or as nicely furnished or as nicely maintained. The standard I stayed in was in bad need of paint and repairs. My room was so small that you couldn't even squeeze in a chair. The a/c in my room didn't have a thermostat, only an on/off switch and it was either too hot for me or two cold for the girls. The only satellite TV hookup was in the great room. The rooms had TVs but virtually no reception...all snow. Bring your own CDs if you want music to play on the tinny little boom boxes in the bedrooms. And, don't plan on any moonlit walks on the beach. The private beach isn't footsteps from the pool area as seen in the videos. From either villa you had to walk down the street to a muddy, rocky path through tall weeds and brush and scrub trees to get to the little slip of sand.

Breakfasts were so so. Lunches were better. Dinner was the best meal. They may ask for beverage requests when you make your reservation, but they make not go to the trouble of actually stocking your requests. I was impressed when they asked for beverage requests when I made my deposit. I didn't ask for anything extravagant or rare...my favorite brown ale (actually a couple alternate choices), my favorite lager (a couple choices of lagers as well), diet coke, maybe a bottle of champagne for the evening of my birthday boy celebration. They had plenty of hard stuff, one brand of Dominican beer and no diet soda of any kind. And only when I got there did I find out that any champagne cost extra.

All the girls were attractive and pleasant. Some more playful than others, some more affectionate that others. But all were fairly attentive in public. Virtually all the girls smoked cigarettes. And at any opportunity would congregate and talk among themselves in Russian or Ukrainian. The one day trip I took to Ocean World with a group of guys and their girls was a disaster. One day I was stuck without a companion while making a switch between girls. Another day we hung out by the pool played dominoes and learned about each other countries and taught each other new words and phrases using the girls English-Russian dictionaries. My last afternoon before my flight was my best time at the villa. Two evenings at the favorite disco in Sousa. We had the second floor lounge virtually to ourselves. Dancing, drinking it was nice. The casino was tight as a drum. We didn't stay long and they even charged for drinks. My last night the girls wanted to celebrate on of the girls departure for home so we went to a beach club in Caberete that she preferred. It was an okay place.

I was with three different girls. Girl #1 spoke the best English and was very attractive. Based on her pictures she was one of the girls I definitely had wanted to be with. She was fun in public but awful behind closed doors...I'm too tired...to drunk...let's wait til morning. I didn't tell the managers that I wanted to switch that next morning. I should have even if it meant spending the day alone, but instead spent it with Girl #1 ended up going with her to Ocean World with a group of guys and girls. the bus got back late and I missed my chance to switch and got stuck with Girl #2 a second night. Big mistake on my part.

Told the managers that I needed to switch on the third morning. No girls were going to available until a couple guys left that afternoon. Had to spend the day alone. That sucked. One of the two available girls turned out to be sick that evening and was unavailable. No birthday 3-some possible. Girl #2 made up for some of it. She was tall and elegant with legs forever. She was also extremely affectionate and loved kissing...before dinner, during dinner, after dinner, in the cab, at the disco, in the bedroom. The evening progressed nicely. She was enthusiastic and eager to please but had soreness and her genuine discomfort put a damper on things. Seeing and feeling her wince in pain spoiled the mood even as she tried to be a trooper and do everything she could to please me. I was supposed to leave the next afternoon but decided to postpone my flight a day and stay another night Girl #2 said the next night would be better. No birthday 3-some materialized again on the extra night. But I had had fun with Girl #2 that day, had a nice dinner, and fun at the going away party. But when we got back and retired for the night Girl #2 started to get sick with flu-like symptoms...fever, swollen lymph glands etc. A promising evening turned into a wasted night.

(to be continued in my next post)
...continued from my previous post

I did get to spend a couple very satisfying hours on my last day with Girl #3 before I had to leave for the airport and while it made up for some of the disappointments of the trip, it made me wish I had managed to hook up with her on my first day. If I had hooked up with her, it might have been a vacation of a lifetime instead of what it was mostly disappointing with one girl that was a dud in bed and another that was too sore one night and sick the next.

Overall I didn't feel like I got my money's worth. The place wasn't a nice as I expected based on the website and videos. And while it was an adventure and I had some fun, it wasn't the ultimate erotic experience. Unlimited amounts of intimate activity weren't available from my experience. The girls definitely had their own ideas about how much intimacy they were willing to provide. The level of service varied from unacceptable to potentially above average to way above average. The girls' amateur or semi-pro status was as much a minus as a plus. Professional GFE providers definitely deliver a much more consistant level of service. It's very much a crap shoot at Viking as so much depends on the chemistry you develop with the girl and her mood. And, if you make a wrong choice, you probably won't know until after hours when the manager have left for the night and you're stuck with an unsatisfying night that costs $1,300+. Ouch!

To top it all off, less than a week after I came back from Viking, I developed a sore next to my penis and flu-like symptoms with swollen lymph glands and a fever. It turned out to be herpes. Based on my history and symptoms, my doctor felt it was more than likely an initial outbreak resulting from an exposure within the previous 2-10 days (which placed my exposure during my stay at Viking and one of my partners did have pain during penetration and flu-like symptoms and swollen lymph glands -- Girl #2). I notified Dean and Steve when the symptoms became apparent and when the doctor got the lab results the confirmed the herpes diagnosis. I never heard back from them. Either one of their girls infected me (even with condom use 100% of the time) the infected area being unbroken skin on my groin next to my penis or I was carrying the virus asyptomatically while at the villa and exposed the girls I was with. I can't prove I caught an STD at Viking. I can't prove that they knowingly exposed me to the virus or that their negligence resulted in my infection. I don't know if they had the girls I was with retested or that they did any follow ups with any of the guys that were there while that group of girls was there. All I know is that I was STD free before my visit and had my first outbreak less than a week after I returned. Granted, the risk has always been there. I could have caught it at any other time from any other girl provider or civilian, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the first STD I ever contracted in my 15 years hobbying was after I indulged in my most expensive adventure and dabbled outside the country. I never asked if Viking screened for herpes or how they screened for STDs or where the girls were screened or if they were checked again at anytime during their stays at the villa. And, I'm not sure how good medical care and testing is in the Ukraine or in the DR.

The risk of herpes is greater than I ever knew. As many as one in three people carry the virus and most don't even know they have it because the symptoms may be so minor they think it's a pimple or an insect bite or an ingrown hair and some people never have any symptoms at all. The virus can be spread even when there are not sores or rashes visible and it doesn't require direct genital-to-genital contact. Fluids on unbroken skin can spread it. Skin to skin contact can spread it. Condoms don't necessarily protect against it.

I suspect that girl #2 was in her initial highly infectious stage when I was with her and that she may have been infected by another guest 2-10 days before my visit, but I have no proof. I'd like to think that she didn't knowingly expose me, because I did like her inspite of her soreness and illness. And, I hope I didn't infect girl #3 because she treated me so well in the few hours we spent together. I'm prettty sure Girl #1 wasn't the carrier because we didn't have that much intimate contact that could have caused an infection in the area where the sore developed.

It may only be a coincidence that the herpes outbreak happened immediately upon my return from Viking. If I caught it there it may have only been a fluke and I was just unlucky. I don't know. I am just glad I didn't have a wife or steady girlfriend who I'd have to explain the sudden herpes infection to. And, I hope no other guys or girls caught it while they were there.

YMMV if you go you may have a great time and you may be at no greater risk of GH or any other STD than with any other partners any where else. Then again, healthcare in the former Soviet Union and a third world country like the DR may not be as good as in North Amrerican or Western Europe. I don't know. Consider asking more questions and make an informed decision whatever you do. Make sure you know the risks.

My 40th birthday present to myself ended my hobbying career. I don't want to put any providers at risk of catching GH from me, especially considering that they could easily spread it to others before the symptoms were necessarily obvious.

Play safe and take care, everyone.
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Re: ...continued from my previous post

Originally posted by Anon_K_1

My 40th birthday present to myself ended my hobbying career. I don't want to put any providers at risk of catching GH from me, especially considering that they could easily spread it to others before the symptoms were necessarily obvious.
Especially since you have it, you should do research on GH. While you won't kill it, it won't kill you, either. You'd also be SHOCKED at the percentage of people who already have herpes. It's really very easily managed in most people, and shouldn't be a reason to totally stop doing anything, given proper management of it.

I've done pretty well so far. My doctor orginally warned me that 4-6 full outbreaks in the first year of infection is not uncommon. But, I have not had another full outbreak since the initial one in December. The infected area has broken out and gotten rashy a couple times but I started Valtrex when the symptoms first develop and the medicine has stopped the outbreak before the rash blisters and becomes and open wet sore. I'm grateful for that.

I'm also grateful that I didn't catch anything life threatening like hepatits or HIV. But, GH does complicate things.

I'm not going to expose anyone without their knowledge. That's irresponsible if you ask me, especially when its not a monogomous situation and the other partner is seeing other people who might also be infected. I suspect that a hobbyist infected the provider who unknowingly infected me, if the circumstancial evidence that points to the Girl #2 at Viking is actually how I was exposed and she was in her highly infectious initial outbreak.

GH virus can be present in the skin even when there's no sign of outbreak and it can be transmitted. The site of my infection can't be covered by a condom. Mucous membranes don't have to be in contact to spread it. Body fluid on unbroken skin can spread it. Skin to skin contact can spread it if virus is being invisibilty shed.

Maybe at some point my doctor may agree to put me on a supressive Valtrex regime where I take it daily and it supposedly decreases the chances of infecting a partner. But, after that initial outbreak with almost four weeks of flu-like symptoms and an open painful wet sore that took forever to scab over and heal, I don't wish GH on anyone.
Third time's a charm?

A year ago I started a thread looking for info on “Viking’s Exotic Resort”, which continued after I ended up making a trip to the resort, and posted very enthusiastic comments after my return. Later in the thread I mentioned a return trip I took in February, about which I said not so much.
My first trip to Viking seemed almost ideal; the second trip was disappointing in comparison. Since many of the flaws in the second trip were not anything under the control of the Viking staff, I’ve decided to make one more trip to see which experience was the norm. That would make this trip the “rubber match” for a best 2 out of 3. Did I get incredibly lucky the first trip? Was there a “sophomore jinx” on the second go round?
I’m leaving for round 3 next month. If there is any interest from other board members, I’d be happy to contrast the high and low points from m two experiences.
viking and STD

I remember a UG post where the poster had a Herpes outbreak shortly after returning from Viking. I'm sure you can find the thread ...
Re: viking and STD

Originally posted by rmj17
I remember a UG post where the poster had a Herpes outbreak shortly after returning from Viking. I'm sure you can find the thread ...
Yeah, I think I can find it .....
The post in question came to the conclusion that the girl was very likely infected by another guest after arriving in the DR. The risk of STD shoud be a concern anytime someone is with a provider, but there is no reason to suspect that Viking is any risker than any other activity in this hobby. Since the girls are only there for a month or so, and would normally only be with maybe 2 or three guys a week, the odds would appear to be in their favor when compared to a provider seeing 10 or 15 clients a week over a longer period.
If I could turn back the clock to last Fall and I knew what I know now, I would have asked more questions about how Viking screens for STDs and which STDs they screen for. There used to be an international forum on the NVbrothels website (it was eliminated by the current owner of the site) that had a pretty active discussion (late 03 and early 04 - after my visit) about Viking and one of the posters claimed to have inside knowledge that Viking didn't actually screen any of the girls at all and neither did their Russion/Ukrainian recuiters/agents. I don't know if it's true or not. I am pretty sure that most of the girls have had some experience in the "business" in one form or another. One of the girls I was with told me she spoke arabic pretty well and had spent time with "boyfriends" in Egypt, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. It sounded more like she had been working in "kept" arrangements to me. I don't know if its actually slave trade, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Russian mafia was involved in supplying the girls. One poster on that other forum claimed it was. It wouldn't surpise me, but I have no proof. Some posters on that other forum also reported open drug use among some of the girls. I never saw any evidence of that myself - just a lot of drinking and cigarette smoking...a lot of cigarette smoking.

I also would have asked more questions about the villa and the facilities. I expected the villa to be much nicer than it was. I expected my room to be bigger than it was. I expected satellite TV in my room (not just in the villa's great room). Based on the Viking video and Playboy TV feature, I expected the standard villa to actually be on a private beach and not in the middle of housing development and a long walk down to the end of the street and through weeds and brush along a rocky, muddy path to finally reach that little slip of sand. No workout room. No tennis courts. No ocean views. The pics on the website and the videos were pretty misleading. The villas they were using when I was there weren't mansions by any stretch and weren't that well maintained. The pics and vids were in a mansion on a private beachfront estate. Apples and oranges.

I specifically went in November because of the special "birthday" package they were offering at the time that featured an evening with two girls. I assumed they would have a few girls willing to provide this experience. When I was there there were only a couple girls willing to do this and they were busy with the guys in the executive villa. Steve didn't make much of an effort to make the birthday boy night happen in my case. And, it was the sole reason I went in November. If I had known that my supposedly free threesome wasn't going to happen, I would have went in the Spring when the weather was nicer, not at the tail end of the rainy season when it was too cold to really enjoy the pool or jacuzzi and it was so gray and ugly and the surf was so rough and stormy.

I wouldn't have gone to Ocean World with Girl #1 on my first full day. It was a long slow trip and it was disappointing and also caused us to get back too late for me to switch girls, and I would have told Lana that I wanted to switch on the first morning. I shouldn't have assumed that I could just switch that afternoon/evening of my first full day. Of the managers, I liked Lana and found her to be much more helpful than Steve. On several occasions he lied to me...about access to the beach when I was planning my trip...about getting a complimentary bottle of champagne for the evening of the birthday threesome that never happened. And he lied about being able to extend my stay. He was unhelpful and implied it wasn't possible, but Lana was very accomodating and actually went out of her way to help me.

I would have tried to take more time getting to know the available girls on the afternoon and evening I flew in. Steve wouldn't say how many girls were available. With so, few extra girls it made me feel pressured to pick too soon for fear of getting left with one of the least popular girls. I picked my first girl based more on the fact that I liked her pictures and that she spoke English better than some others than based on getting to know her and liking her personality. And, as it turned out I picked a girl that was a dud in bed and ending up stuck with her for not one but two nights. At $1,300+ per night, it was a pricy mistake.

I also should have tried to switch when my second girl had soreness and discomfort on my third night. If she is the one who gave me GH, I might have limited my exposure. It also put a damper on things even though she tried to accomodate me. If she hadn't likde kissing and making out so much, I probably would have changed, but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. Big mistake. She only got sick on my fourth night after we returned from the nightclub. Adding that additional day to my trip didn't really pan out, except for the 1.5 hours with girl #3 on the afternoon I flew out.

I would have taken a taxi to the villa rather than spend almost two hours at the airport waiting for Dean's driver to show up. It got the whole vacation off on the wrong foot.

Then again, I might not have even gone to Viking at all if I knew what I know now. The Miami Companions vacation villa in Cabo San Lucas might be a better option (and I've had previous good experiences with MC) or I might have done one of the Costa Rican vacation companion packages. Or, I might have gone to Montreal and curled up with a sweet French Canadian girl or girls in a cozy little hotel room with a fireplace and room service.

Bottom line, I think I could have gotten more for my money elsewhere and gotten a more consistant level of GFE service and had a better vacation.

But, as with anything, YMMV.

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For the prices of most of these "sex resorts", one could make the same offer to most brothel owners in Central and South America to stay inside the brothel, and have a decidated room, with unlimited fucking priveledges, and do 5 different girls a day, every day. of course, this would work much better if the guy spoke Spanish, but even that wouldn't be mandatory.