$200, 2 Loads and a Metro Card: Banacek's reviews and other rantings.

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@billyS has asked on at least two occasions about my reviews, the latest being last week. Some of my reviews may have been lost with the archiving of the site from the old URL. My first review is buried off the board because there was an incident where the OP in the review thread was threatened by someone associated with the provider. In a very rare case of empathy, Slinky agreed to having the entire thread moved to an admin section of the board in order to prevent that member from further consequences. My review had followed his, so it's not visible either.
This was my reply to billy's first query about my reviews:
Sep 12, 2018

billyS said:
Banacek, please don't take this wrong, I know moderating can take up a lot of your time on UG, been there done that, but do you ever hobby?
I don't remember seeing any reviews from you.
This crossed my mind when you said you met with Sophia for lunch.
Not that, having lunch with her is anything I wouldn't do myself but I was wondering why you didn't fuck her and review it?
Then it got me to thinking I can't recall you reviewing anyone recently.
Am I wrong?

No, you're correct. No bad way to take that. I haven't posted any reviews in a few years because I haven't seen anyone in a few years. The last time I saw anyone was back in 2015. I posted reviews of the handful of providers I saw then and going back a year or so.

I can't even remember the names of the girls I saw. One was a skinny chic I saw at her friend's apartment in Franklin Square. Then I saw her younger co-worker at a sleezy motel in Manhasset and she was in the room, too. Wiggs would remember both of their names. There was also an older woman I saw at a private house in western Suffolk. The best one I saw was a college-age girl at a decent motel in Huntington. Like I said, those were all over three years ago. And at my advanced age, it's getting hard to remember certain details. Faces and places are easier than names.

As far as Sophia, I told her that I would not want to know her like that because of the extensive relationship we developed on here.
This was a review - and admittedly not much of a review - that I posted in haste one day for the reason stated.

I should have posted this review earlier as her latest ad says she's leaving town tonight. Sorry. Also, there already is a thread about her that a newbie started, but I fear that the thread will be closed for incorrect format, so I am starting my own thread on her here. Perhaps a mod will move that other review over to this thread. If not, I have referenced it below.

Last night in towncome say bye ✋ - 22
Give me Neena a call at 808 429-7725 to experience five star service! I only cater to the elite class of gentlementhat know how to spoil a young lady such as myself. My pictures are 100% real!! sorry but no African & all play is safe✔️
Poster's age: 22
Location: Huntington, Long Island


Photo is accurate, but more glammed up than she appeared in person.

$200/hour; $150/half. One pop only regardless of time.
"All play is safe" means CBJ and CFS, no kissing, no finger insertion.
Still, she's a pretty college coed type girl. Nice body.
Quiet and sweet.
Good BJ technique. Allows DATY.

Neena has positive single reviews on several provider sites, some of which I've never even heard of. You will find snapshots of those reviews and dozens of photos of her if you search on her phone number or pics. Besides the NY (LI) ads, she has prior ads in North Carolina and Hawaii.

P.S. Also see howling's in-depth review of her here - http://utopiaguide.com/forums/threads/neena-808-429-7725.51125/
(Great job on the review, but the headline is in the wrong format, so it may be closed soon.)
Stacy (a/k/a Christine/Crystal/Angel/Heather/Holly) 631-855-5030

Feb 4, 2016

I saw Stacy earlier this evening.
She looked fine. No indication of any issues, as pet2 stated earlier.

This photo is up-t0-date and 100% accurate:

I had contacted her this past weekend via text and she answered back the next day, apologizing that she was sleeping when I first texted her. I followed up today with a text, asking if she was available. She replied that she would be in the Hicksville area after 6 pm and would get back to me with an address. She quoted her rates as $100 SS, $150 HH, $200 HR. And then she added, "no anal."

Turns out she was a bit confused about where she was headed and we actually wound up meeting at an apartment in western Nassau. It took quite a bit of time to nail down the final arrangements, between driving out from Hicksville, where I had been waiting for her, to actually getting the real location after she gave me a near-by address in order to scope me out. There was a lot of wait time between texts, due in part she said to her having her phone on vibrate.

After some angry words from me in a text right before I was about to leave the area, she finally replied and told me to forget it 'cause I had gotten nasty in that last text. I texted back that I was frustrated at the confusion and long wait times and I'd be fine if she just saw me right then. She backed down, called me and gave me the address and I went up to the apartment.

She said it was her girlfriends's place. The only place to play was on a couch since she was limited for activity to the living room. That limited my options, so I opted for the SS for the hundred. She took off her top and got down on her knees between my legs as I sat on the couch. She has small B cups, as has been reported before, and allowed boob play while she she performed an admirable BBBJCIM with just her mouth and no hands before spitting it out in her hand. She handed me some tissues to wipe off and then I used the bathroom, which was suprisingly neat and clean. So all-in-all, even with the bit of drama and wait times, I walked out a happy camper.

If we had spoken rather than texted when I told her I was leaving, I imagine that it could have led to screaming. So, I can fully understand what happened with her and Mr. Wiggley. Keeping it to the written word definitely kept things in check. Anyone wishing to contact her should keep that in mind and try texting as the first point of contact. Just don't expect instant replies. In parting, she told me that she preferred her Manhasset location, so you might wind up there if you see her.
Mia (formerly Denise) 516-698-1309

Mar 18, 2016

Tonight I found myself with some time on my hands, so I called her. Third time was the charm, as they say, because I finally connected with her after having missed out on my two prior attempts.

I found her to be much the same as the OP reported:
• staying in her undergarments (in my case just her bra, but she pulled it aside for access to the girls)
• some nice kissing
• no rush to get me finished quickly
• she expressed the hope for repeat business
• when we parted, she gave a me very long hug
• the experience was nice, unrushed and skillful

The particulars for me:
$130 HH (I think she said the hour would be $220, but not certain as I was not interested in that long a session.)
Private house in SW Nassau County
Allowed DATY
Performed BBBJCIM
Looks just like her photos

The details:
I phoned her this evening at the number in the thread title. She picked up right away. I addressed her as Mia, since that is the name she is using in her current ads. Said she was available, working out of a private house, and I could come by immediately. She then told me the village she was located in and said she would text me the address, asking me to text her when I got to the house before going up to her door. I asked her for her rates and she told me. I replied that a half hour would do. She phoned me just once while I was on the road to confirm I was on the way, because another client wanted an appointment later. I didn't mind the call. I've had other providers call me a handful of times while I was in transit, so a single call wasn't intrusive.

The ride to her house was quick. It's located just several blocks off the parkway. I parked down the block from where I surmised the house was, so as to not arouse the suspicions of her neighbors, and texted her as I walked up the block. She instantly replied and appeared at the door to greet me. Upon entering the house, she gave me a kiss like we were long-time acquaintances and led me up the stairs to her bedroom. The room was neat. There was a bed to play on and chairs to put my clothes on. (The only issue that anyone might find a problem is the smell of smoke even though she did not smoke in my presence. I noticed that the smell was on my clothes when I got home. I figure that the next time, I should hang my clothes in the hall or the bathroom right outside the bedroom so as to not contaminate them.)

She never mentioned the donation, but I placed in on the nightstand before the session. No envelope necessary. She stripped down to her underwear and I got down to mine, too. She pulled me close and proceeded to give me a DFK. I asked if finger play was okay and after removing her panties, I began to play down there. She allowed access up top by removing her top and moving her bra out of the way. She allowed me to suck on her breasts and nipples. She wanted to reciprocate, so she removed my boxers and started stroking me. She then put me in her mouth and began a nice BBBJ. I told her I would like to return the favor and asked if she minded if I went down on her. I got between her legs and went to town, alternating between licking and fingering. She seemed fine with that, but expressed a desire to please me, too. So, I moved around into a 69 position and allowed her to take me in her mouth. I was enjoying it so much, and aware of my time constraints, I decided to forego any thoughts of FS and allowed her to finish me like that. For those that care, I'm not sure if she spit or swallowed, as I wasn't paying attention and continued to dine at Y after I came. After a few minutes, I stopped and we just lay there for awhile and got acquainted.

She was very easy to talk to. Chatty, but in a good way, not annoying like some providers get. She told me some personal details about her life, her family, and her previous occupation as a stripper. I then asked her if she has ever been reviewed, making sure not to reveal anything about this site. But ironically, she immediately said that she had in fact been reviewed. On Utopia Guide. She explained that she found it by googling her phone number. (Let that be a lesson to all the guys who always assume that providers find out about us through white knights disclosing it.) Anyway, I feigned ignorance of this website (sorry for the fib, Mia) and quickly turned the topic around to another well-known website to ask if she had ever been reviewed there. She had never heard of that site - put one in the win column for UG - so I began to explain it to her. She grabbed her phone and the two of us proceeded to look online to see if her phone number was in their database. It wasn't. Being as she had pointed out how many calls she gets that don't result in actual dates, I told her I would be glad to help out by reviewing her on there in the hope of producing some interest. She expressed surprise that no other client had ever even told her about that site nor had offered to review her. Though I'm sure she will be happy if I post a review there, I'm sure she will be more surprised if she comes on here and sees this review. I certainly won't tell her.

In closing, I would definitely partake of Mia's talents again and wholeheartedly recommend that you do so, too. She was extremely pleasant to be around and she seemed to thoroughly enough the session as much as I did. And the environment was cozy and convenient. But the next time I will schedule in advance, rather than on a whim, so that I can partake in FS for the hour. I'm hoping that she will allow two pops in that time. Judging by her friendliness and enthusiasm, I think that I have a shot at that (pun intended), but I will make sure to ask beforehand to avoid any surprises.
Stella 516-241-3684

Apr 26, 2016

I saw Stella tonight.
Looking back on this thread, I realized the session was somewhat similar to what meme experienced. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the details of his review.
You see, I had put her number in my phone after Mr. Wiggley posted that pic in his OP. And I left it in there even after later reading meme's review.
So tonight when I was texting and calling around, Stella was the only one who replied back. With a "Hey," of course. (Why do they all say that? And call you, "Babe." It's like they read it in a handbook.)
Anyway, she quoted me $150 for the HH, but I countered by asking for SS, which was only $100. I'm glad I did.
When I got to the Manhasset hotel she's working from, guess who was there? Stacy. And the dog.
Stacy remembered me and let me know she was not that thrilled with some of the comments in my review of her. But she was cool about it and she bid me a cordial goodbye when I left. (She and the dog stayed in the bathroom while I was with Stella.)
As far as Stella, I thought she was a very attractive young blonde. Solid curvy body. And she had nice round breasts which she allowed me to play with.
The nether region was another story, though. No play allowed down there. Neither fingers nor mouth.
I just wanted a quick BJ. It was exactly as meme had described. BBBJ "with thumb and tip of her index and mouth on head." We started off on the bed and then I switched to standing up with her kneeling on the floor. She also asked me not to hold her head or hair while she was going down on me. I finished CIM, so that was a plus.
As far as meme's other descriptions, I can't say whether or not the pic that wigs posted is actually her. Body and hair are similar, but without seeing the face, I can't be certain. Stella did speak softly, but I would not say she was mumbling. I didn't notice a cigarette smoke odor, but Stacy lit up as I was leaving and that lingered on me. Also didn't smell any trace of 420, but saw some buds on the night table. No other hint of any drug use either in her speech or appearance.
All in all, it was a pleasant enough experience for the price. Safe, convenient hotel. Good looking girl.
Not sorry that I went, but I would not repeat.

Stacy, if you are reading this, you should definitely give Stella some pointers, since your head game is far superior.


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