The Deuce

Same here brother. I chuckled when i saw "Showplace" on the show many times. Showplace was the spot i saw my first peep show back in 1986. The guy at the door was a slick, leather clad white-ish pimp looking fella who let us young teenagers in to see some tits and ass for the 1st time. I recall Showplace had some booths with plexi and some without and for $10 I got a handy from this blown out looking over 40 type of woman, but it was one of the most memorable experiences i had running around the deuce when i was around 14-15 years old with my boys. I still maintain that had i been in my 20s during that time I probably wouldn't have made it out of that era alive, but as a youngster it was electrifying to say the least on the deuce, albeit one of the biggest sespools in the world.
And from my experiences down there as a kid, it was called forty-deuce instead of 42nd street simply becauae the biggest number of occupants were atreet kids/guys, and no one ever said forty secind street, it was always just called forty-deuce, or the deuce.
I give kudos for the daring it took to take on the subject of NYC 42 Street, hookers, porn, AIDS, crime, politics, police etc. There was some great acting on the show in my view. The writers wanted to cover a lot and be thorough, so they had to jam it in somehow. I also felt I cared more about some sub plots than others, but I realize that others might have different likes and I get that. I thought the sex, violence, nudity etc. was not forced into the plot, and they did not pull any punches with some of the tragedies that went along with the turf and the times, which was apt. I liked the ending because it showed us how the "Disney" version turned out, and how the area transformed.