Stripping wants to move with me how do I deal with it

I have a stripper that wants to move in with me. We been seeing each other for 4 years both married. I got busted before not her. How can I deal with us moving in together. I have NO money and she is still willing to leave her husband not a bad guy or living comfortably to be with me. This sounds like disaster but she bankrolls me. What do you guys think.
So you're saying you're not with your wife any longer and your wife knows what's going on?

What's the longest thing you've done with this woman? Like a trip, whole day with her, sleepover that did not just involve sex, weekends, fill in the blanks for us?
i have an apartment on the side no cost I barter. My wife knows about it and I stay there when we have a fight.

Been together 4 years know her 6 years. We spend 4 days a week together before she has to go to work. It depends on what our spouses are doing.

Been to South America with her and another trip. We don’t spend over night together because our spouses or kids are home.

But spend 4/5 hours at a time together
Just me mentally. Every time she goes to work I have to think about her jerking all you guys off. Am I supposed to be jealous or just forget about it.
If You didnt or don't get jealous you wouldnt be normal, if you have feelings for her it will be a great bother for you. If you can deal with other dudes grabbing her ass ans stuff like that then go for it but sounds like you won't be able to so its not worth taking it further but unfortunately it sounds like you fell in love with a stripper.
Is she testing you in some way? How scrwed will your life be if it backfired?

I semi get the jealous aspect but not in the context that you're already seeing her so much for so long so you've already accepted that part. Or not?
The fact you have a separate apartment because you fight with your wife so much... most dudes just get the couch treatment. Obviously there are deeper issues in that relationship, but I have to say, being able to pull that off is pretty impressive. Also, most SO/Wives/GF’s would be stalking that apartment any time you were there because of a “fight”...If she isn’t, then she’s either no longer interested (& quite possibly getting the same side treatment) and Divorce is inevitable. Unless you have kids- seriously consider walking away. You said you “have NO money”.. so you don’t have much to lose. You already have a place to crash, the wife ain’t getting shit since you don’t have any cash... So gtf outta there

As far as the stripper goes..The fact that she “bankrolls” you. Brilliant! But how long will that last? Question though- what is she exactly paying for? This goes back to 2 things, 1-you have a free “side” apartment which you barter for (so not part of the bankroll), and 2- If ur already confused because of the other 44 dicks per week, you would eventually lose it if you move in together and make her your primary.

At the end of the day- If you have kids, ditch the stripper and do what u gotta do to make it work with your seemingly cunt of a wife. Sorry if thats harsh but anyone that needs a separate apartment because of fights.. one of those people is a piece of shit. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

And the stripper- please consider the words of the Great Abraham Lincoln- “we don’t love them hoes”... sorry, that was actually Snoop Dogg in 94.. Either way, the message is the same.

Good Luck!!
It's completely expected, and you, as a big boy, should have assumed that's the case. Since you're on this site, I assume you have some experience in the p4p game, so you're not a blushing virgin. Since you were able to date a stripper for years, you should be able to deal with her job rationally. It can either turn you on, or be indifferent. Strippers and other sex workers need relationships like any of us. Their circumstances make their personalities a bit "special" (or is it the other way around?) but I'm sure she is the same person you have been dating behind your wife's back for years, and allowed her to bankroll you. Did you think that money just rained down from heaven? Have you been to strip clubs? Have you read the forums about strip clubs here?