SA guy wants revenge because he fucked up and paid first

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$40 for anal? That's some cheap ass!
Yeah, i used to fuck her in the ass at her aunt's apartment in Hempstead. I posted about it here, somewhere. We met a bunch of times, all successful transactions. On like, our tenth meet up, she says, i just gotta give my girl the money so she can go grab something, or something like that. I always kept her money in pain sight, after a few successful meets. So she reaches in, grabs it, gets into the waiting car, and takes off.
I figured, i fucked her in the ass 10x for 40 bucks, she can have this 40 and i still make off like a bandit. The rest of what happened is in her somewhere, so I'm not going into it, but from what i hear on the street, she can't work anywhere local because now she's known for robbing ppl.
That's the best revenge. She can't work because of what went down here, after she robbed me.
Try to go places that if you pay upfront you are in their work place like the massage parlors I pay upfront the girl leaves but comes back. if you can avoid seedy locations and bad car dates.please don’t try revenge we all lose money.


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