New Orange Rub Spa 640 Sunrise Highway West Babylon

Hello everyone,
This is my first review and post as I'm fairly new to the game. Late bloomer I guess. So being a complete newbie in this hobby I figured I'd start with your traditional "I heard this is a good place for HE" spot. So with a few hrs to spare after work i ventured over to this small on the service road spot. Parking was tight but was told you could park in Apt complex next door so i did. As i venture i see a semi attractive asian woman gardening behind the spa. She greets me with a smile and i walk in. After not being greeted for 20 secs the gardening woman comes around gives me big hug and smile and says follow me. Now she has pretty face not fat but no spinner with large C natural tits. Downside hairy arm pits. Who cares itll do for breaking into the game. I tell her 1/2hr give her $40 for house and she says get undressed and lay down. Now I got her good vibe already but I decide to put towel over my ass anyway. To my surprise she walks on and pulls it right off. She starts ST which is nice and immediately starts playing with the boys. She comes around to front and more ST while I'm squeezing her ass and rubbing her hairy pussy OTC. She tells me flip over and I go for those Big C's and squeeze as she giggles. She then proceeds to give an amazing slow double handed HJ while putting her mouth close to it teasing me. I made her work for full half until I blew as she continued stroking. Clean up $60 total $100. Good experience will repeat to see other girls.
Wow sir, @MrBaseball50,

First post, a review - that's always special to me ...

... but is this your first encounter? Did I read right?

Amazing, just amazing - the mileage you got!! Or more correctly, opted to get - and grabbed with both hands, apparently!

Late bloomer, eh? Making up for all those lost, ill-spent years, no doubt!

Hats off, thanks fir sharing and welcome to UG...