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I would like to start a new thread for those looking for legit massages. There has been much interest in this. I have found that often times the best bet if to first have a legit massage and than follow it up with one that gives extras. There are so few AMPs that provide both a good massage and the erotic stimulation we all so richly deserve. The massages have been so mediocre on LI and many other places, that guys here really do not know what a good massage is. So I am throwing this out there in hopes that there is interest as well.
43-14 Main Street, Flushing. 718-888-1366 First floor. There is the ABC one of the second floor.

Co Co is 28 and gives a better than average legit massage for $25/hr plus $15 tip. They use those hot rocks and to please me, gave me a second helping of those. Not a bad to to place for a legit massage. Biggest downside, they yap a lot the girls next to them.

Most annoying thing about this massage was one of the guys was playing the girls. I have no problem with this and enjoyed hearing someone try it (though the guys sounded clumsy at it). Now I am like go for it. But when he starting trying to pick up Co Co, the girl massaging me, well that got annoying. To shut them all down, I told them, when they get married, there husband are going to get HEs, because they are so noisy and annoying. And then the will being going for FS. Well the chatter stopped and they got message.

But not before I heard the manager say to someone on the phone, only massage. I repeated what the manager said. And other girls in unison said laughingly, no happy ending, no sex, no.............I said no tips.

She said we give good massage, tip $10,$20, $40......I said $10 it is. She than said tip $80. I told her, only if she agrees to marry me, otherwise $10. She said for $8 million dollars and I said she needs to get implants first.
I do not think I was winning over the other girls.

Co Co remembered me from a year ago. She gave me probably the worst HE in AMP history. It was through the towel and started to feel like sandpaper a half hour later. But she use to let me feel up her breasts. She still let me give her quick touches. But the effort to get extras here is way too hard, the manager looks in all the top, the girls talk non stop.

This place is a decent and cheap legit massage and at $40 total cost with hot stones, it is close to rock bottom prices in this neighborhood for a competent massage.
ABC on the second floor of above complex.

Various girls but they give mediocre massage. The cost is about $25/hr but Wendy there has shorted me time about three times and will not use her any more. She is 19 years old and is the sister of the manager. It is hard to find really young ones on this street.

The advantage here is that they have rooms for couples and sometimes you can talk them in to two massage for $40 plus tip ($10-$15 each). With two girls I got HEs here, but it is a long shot and it has very little privacy.

Parking is around the corner by the Botanical Gardens. They have really good restaurants across the street and down a block. The hunan one is really good.
41-36 Main ST Flushing 347-348-3877 JC (name of person) $28/hr includes hot stones.

One of the better values and JC (28-31 years old) is a firecracker. Total cost $43, worth giving a shot and decide for yourself. It is in the basement. Lots of privacy. Many a friend has tried for extras and the most they got was groping of her, but not much more than that. Some of the other girls may do the ' You do" tease and thus I bypass them and only use JC.
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I've been going to random places on 41st road in flushing for years they all give good legit massages. Most give a hint of a tease to try and get you to come back for more. breaking through to the HJ at one of these places is no easy task.
I've been going to random places on 41st road in flushing for years they all give good legit massages. Most give a hint of a tease to try and get you to come back for more. breaking through to the HJ at one of these places is no easy task.
I have gotten FS on two different places on this road just last week (three times). That is all the hint I am going to give. Between information giving to me backchannel and my own experiences, about half the places(not half the people) in Flushing give extras. It is a matter of getting them comfortable. This neighborhood is HUGE YMV. Which goes to back to technique, which I tried to explain in the past.

But this is a legit massage thread. Most people are looking fora good source of massages at a reasonable price. It is sometimes harder to find this, than a HE place.
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My problem is that I'm always switching places. I don't pay attention to where I've been or the names of the girls. So I don't establish the necessary level of familiarity. There are times when for example I'm seeing the SO that evening that I only want a good massage this is when I usually go to 41st ave. Even with a legit massage I do enjoy a little tease.
Finding a good legit massage is sometimes harder than finding a place that does HEs or even FS. That is why I started this thread.

If people did not value of a good massage, than they would mostly be going to FS BP places. But guys are looking for a little of both.

The guy that can figure out how to have a reasonable priced LMP that gives HEs on LI, will make a killing. So much opportunity and yet no one does it.

In Queens, the AMPs are so insanely cheap the low cost will undercut everyone. I am talking about the ones catering Asians.
1236 Hicksville rd Seaford 516-882-9889

Went to this place today. Give a great massage including hot stones. I don't think HE are available, set up is not HE friendly. 38hr tip.15. They offer a for hand massage for 68hr. If you are looking for a good legit massage by kinda cute girls this place is for you.
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132-06 Avery Ave 11355 flushing queens
tel 347 978 5558

They advertise $35. Some places in Flushing do jerk around the house fee, especially the legit places. Different prices for asians and others.

To address purps question, the $45 fee they asked, and I was asked as well, is for suckers. The computer clearly says the fee is $35. When I confronted Linda, she shrugged and told me she will take the $35. I heard someone in another booth over hear me and said to her provider, "see I told you it was $35".

This is a legit place, though I would not put it past some of the girls to provider extras if persuaded, but it is a low probability. Mine would not budge. She was new to the massage business and it wasnt very long ago, she was working for a sales company, but was on commisions and made little money. She is too early in the time line to give up on the fact that she will have a legitimate career. She even asked me for a job. Not a good girl to start with.

Massages are average quality for that area. She was better than average looking and was 32. She did have hairy arm pits. She told me the girls keep $10 rom the house fee (may get a piece of the upcharge to $45) plus tips. They make about $70/day and work 7 days a week $2000/month. She was happy with that for now. It seemed it was more than she made at her sales venture.

I was told there was one Mexican that works there. No one, according to Linda does extras. I told her there would be no way to know, and she says everything can easily be heard there.

I tried to entice her with money in a round about way telling her that girls in the neighbor hood make $300/day but she wasnt even that curious. She wasn't desperate enough to explore her other options and I just tip my hat to her that she held firm and hopes she finds something else other than a career in the massage business. She was not your typical Chinese woman, she even looked part Indian and had a larger nose.

This place is pricier than the neighborhood because they advertise (phones ringing non stop) and they speak good English. I did not see the other talent. Linda told me there are three girls there at all times, mostly chinese.
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Gong Spa on Roosevelt Ave 135-18 Roosevelt AVe 718-888-9803

Had Theresa twice. Ordinary chunky 22 year old that gave a mediocre massage, tried her, allowed herself somewhat to be felt up and erotic play, but just way too difficult. People are literally walking up the stairs and come in to our room unannounced. The place is busy, but I have no idea why. The massage are not great and the women are so so. The times I visited there (about 5, three times got shut out), I never saw more than two girls there at a time and always busy.

One time I overheard a guy saying to one of the girls that "doesn't she want sex every now and then". And she responded, "she can go years without sex".
That did not sound promising.

I never understood the hype with this place.
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The place exactly next door to Gongs. I will find the name. They are over forty year old women that are in the tease game, but really have minimal massage skills. The only action is takeout. This is a warning about women playing the tease game and avoid. They really cannot do a good legit massage. I tried two different women. Average for the area. Some where revealing clothing.

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Ok now I have this four times in the last two months. I am going to random legit places. The women let me fondle them under their clothes to my hearts content with mischievious smiles. They will play with my nipples (their idea) and massage my scrotum for 20 minutes at a time, but will NOT do the HE. WTF?

Monday, she told me she wants to be my girlfriend even though she knows I am married, but she promised next time. Next time was yesterday. And she played the same tease game, but was kissing me telling me how much she liked me. She showed me pictures of her family and that usually means we are bonding.

But next time never happened and in the middle of the session after repeatedly telling her that she promised and I was not happy, I just put my clothes on. She was stunned. Almost every time, they relent. Nothing this time.

On the way out, she said "no tip?" As every seasoned monger knows, there is only one answer and tha
Golden Rainbow Spa 41- 28 Haight Street basement. 718-539-2288
Behind the Duncan Donuts on College Pt.

Women range from mediocre to attractive and open I think until 2:00. Strangely enough I was made aware of this place by a women with implants that gave me a HE on Motor Ave Farmingdale LI. So I assumed this place gives extras.

But there is a very intimidating papasan that looks like no one ishould mess with him even though he is over 50. Not very trusting.

But some of the women are hot, and this has one best and most expensive rooms I have ever saw. They had beautiful expensive showers in some of the rooms. The rooms were large.

The quality of the massage were average. It is a TAO type business model, where the hot women are suppose to bring in the guys and make them think they got a shot. I did not try for extras for very long. The two times I tried I struck out, which is rare for me in that area. This is not a good location.

But I am throwing this out there for the hot woman factor. Not all of them are but some.
IF you put enough women together and they get hungry enough though, my money is on someone is doing extras.
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There's a place on Mott St between Canal and Hester literally in an Alley right next to the Chiew Chow noodle joint. IT's a crazy set up, massage in the back, I think to the left in the alley leads back to a basement that is up front. I took a long foot rub and this old lady from beijing fucking tore my shit up. She was naming organs and I swear she was trained for that shit, good stuff for like 50 total