I'm looking for Brianna & Iza (exJulie)

star trek / donnaslist

Star Trek: Sulu or Chekov usually fired the phasers
TNG: Lt. Worf
Voyager: Lt. Tuvok
Enterprise: Lt. Reed

Anyone here ever tried out Kim on donnaslist ?
Originally posted by bklyn69
just point me in the right direction, I'll do the rest.
i know where iza, edyta and kasia are
they are working in NYC
some info in the other board

and they are freakkin hot with the service up a few notches
as opposed to D (ex Julie) who gained weight and looked/performed subpar according to informed sources

Where are they now?

Any word where any other ex Julies girls who may be working these days. I'm most interested in finding.. Mika, Sara, Cheyenne, Milagra, Lola, Emily and/or Domino?