Hi, I'm new here


Reign of Terror
Hey everyone, new here (and new to the hobby)from the western Nassau area of Long Island. Really enjoy reading the reviews and knowing places are vetted by a community. Thinking about starting at Nancy Spa in Bayside as my first AMP later this week, and then maybe Long Fei Spa in Oceanside.
Welcome to the board.
Nancy's would be an excellent place to start.
Looking forward to your reviews of both places.
Hello all. Just wanted to Introduce myself. I was heavy in this hobby back between 2010 to 2016 back when I used to be a heavy drugy. Somehow made it out of that lifestyle with a clean bill of health and been off the drugs almost 8 years. Recently my doctor put me on TRT and I feel like I'm 18yrs old again. So I'm back in this hobby(no drugs just women) full throttle for the last 6 months. Little man is back running the show lol. I never new a site like this existed. Just found it a week ago and it's great here so far. I hope and plan to make some good contributions to this fine site @Slinky Bender has here