Dictionary: Code words and acronyms

A member would still have to go into the post and search through to find the word or acronym that they are looking for. That seems to be the root of the problem.
Latin Street Walker
Hispanic (maybe Ive never seen that acronym)
Schizophrenic (i guess)

SA... It has been asked and answered at least 20x in 2 years in that thread... Seek And you shall find (makes you read the thread
I would think sws means 2 or more SW's

Just wondering - many geese hanging out is a gaggle, kangaroos is a mob, monkeys is a troop - so is there a term for many SW's ?
AD - short for ADVERTISEMENT. Note that there is only one 'D' in both the short and long versions of the word.
I realize that this is neither a code word nor an acronym, but it is so often misspelled as "ADD," that I wanted to add it in here.
Cat bath

It is what it sounds like: provider ‘cleans’ your body with her tongue. Not just a lick here or there or extensive use of her tongue, but a full-body, thorough experience. YMMV, but holy hell was it awesome.

It’s kind of self-explanatory, but it showed up in a few reviews and was new to me. I’m leaving this here because until I got one I wasn’t sure if I guessed right.