You down with OPP???

... Yea you know me!

One of my favorite 90's terms... Maybe not a mongering term, but OPP - Other People's Property (or Pussy) can refer to sexual relations with someone that is cheating on someone else.
We are working on getting FWB (Friends With Benefits) accepted. We are a married provider couple, so obviously, GFE in its truest sense is not even possible, but we offer the next best thing within the confines of a married relationship.


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okay, here is one I just ignored, sure it means nothing, but many BP/CL posts say "redbone"... WTF? Seems all those chicks are ghetto fattys. Redbone?
Ok, here's my addition to the lexicon: Slutbag.

No, that's NOT what it means.

This is the bag you pack when you're planning an overnight stay with your favorite galpal. What's moderately interesting about the term is that, more often than not, it refers to the male component of all this stealth fucking instead of the female.

Dont forget your toothbrush, dude.
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