Yik yak and Tinder success stories?

So I been wondering what the new forefront for the np4p game was. It seems that CL had a golden age a few years back but as we now know, those days are long gone.

Would it be okay to say that app based social media outlets like Tinder and Yik Yak are the new CL when it comes to np4p. I have been partaking in p4p action on and off during the "drought" moments. For the most part, the lack of financial resources inspired me to look elsewhere.

So I made my intention clear on my profile/post - "Horny man looking to hook up with willing ladies" and it has had an average of *40% success ratio.

2 out of 5 ladies I connect with lead to a one night stand or a weekend fling.

(* the 5 connections are a combination of matches on tinder and young women that either gave me their number or SC or Kik user after interacting with them on Yik Yak. On a good week (putting in some effort on your free time) you can get an average of 2 connections.)

Tinder brings its own leads. All you have to do is like whoever you find appealing. Then, if that person reads your bio and likes you as well you both match and then you take it from there.

Yik Yak is more challenging. Putting up posts like - " down to have a quickie right now",
"looking for someone to take this load"

can downvote your attemps into oblivion. Most of the users are very vocal about their dissapproval of your nsa hooking up motives.

Some of us can deal with it while others might find it too much to be bothered with.
The main point to take home is that tactical navigation of the politics in place and proactive approaches to willing prospects can get you laid on Yik Yak as well.

Thus far, the amount of action that I gotten this past spring- summer more than quadrupled the total amount I had in my entire life about a year ago.

To conclude, does anyone have any idea of what I am talking about? If this concept is not foreing to you, do you have a better sucess rate?

I was simply wondering if I had found the current holy grail of np4p, and if so, that I ough to share it with the group.
I was on KIK for a little while, you were able to set up groups and set up hashtags to make the group searchable, and you could send that hashtag to anyone so they could find you.... Now they updated the app two days ago and tell me what they did away with? Yes the hashtags, now you are unable to find a group when your search it, or find any groups at all. So if you want to join a group you have to be invited in.

It reminded me of the old AOL chat rooms (which i had good luck with), but now its just a texting app.