Whirl-A-Sage/Lancaster PA

I don't think I've ever seen a posting about this place, so let me share my 2cents.

First off, this was my first MP experience YEARS ago (more than I care to share here, so let's just say more than 10). Vaguely illicit, etc...

In the years since, this place has been consistent in quality: good looking girls, no rush massages and they all speak English.

I've also gotten a lot bolder over time and have had mixed success with DATY and even a single BJ (no F/S though).

Standard tip is to match the door - about .6. It's best to do that right away to get the best attention.

The only complaint I have about this place (and about providers in general) is that I HATE hearing about B/Fs, kids, etc.

I've been to MANY MPs since and this remains one of the tops in my book, even if I do have a special fondness for it as my first...