When should a thread be Closed?

Just so I have this correct
The phone number in the title is no good
She is not seeing new clients just old regulars
There have been no reviews of her service in months
The members that have her new number are not sharing any information with the rest of the board
Hoping someone can post why this thread is still open
As far as her knowing the thread I was at her house when she first showed me..we are going back awhile ago..she said so much for low profile..at the time she thought it was funny she said even laughed at the name. She doesn't care now but at that time when we were hanging at her house she was a bit annoyed because she is a really nice person and liked the fact she saw a few select people. I see her tomorrow she called me to hang out for a bit..like I said I've known her for about 4 years now. Take it for what it's worth..she doesn't care too much now but expressed a bit apprehensive about meeting up with a "creep" T!
Gotta give Wiggs' his props here because after he posts his sensible argument, Tonto comes along and totally ignores Billy's edict. As much as I've butt heads with the guy, Billy was spot on in his reply to Wiggs, but Tonto failed to deliver. It appears that he is her regular as evidenced by the word "now," yet he did not post a review but rather some explanation about her early disdain and current indifference about being discussed on here. He had the perfect opportunity to review her and give everyone her current number. So why didn't he?

And, therefore, why is the thread still open?


Reign of Terror
I originally deleted this post but now that I have time to answer that last sentence I will.

First off I don't need anymore telling me how to be a mod except of course Slinky.

Second, I know during your 'reign' as as you like to put it you liked to close threads so you would always have the last word or to protect your buddy Wiggely.
But I don't see it that way. I'm not for closing threads unless they are directly causing harm to the board or a member.
For example I was always against the 1F/Sanford thread being closed.
So now we should close the thread about Jess because Wiggles can't get the new number?
I will agree with you on one thing. And that's Tonto is being a dick about it. If he's seeing her but he knows there is only a handful of guys then just STFU and don't post anything.
This differs from the 1F/Sanford thread in that the latter was an active thread with guys exchanging information on the girls. True these places were hard to get into but obviously there were ways.
I also don't think we should close every thread where the girl is inactive or is only seeing regulars.
If that were the case I'd close the Lisa- Dark Chocolate thread because she hasn't seen new people in a while, just her regulars. In fact that would spare her from getting flooded with unknown texts when her thread was bumped.
But for whatever reasons I'm in favor of threads remaining open unless the provider becomes a problem to the board or the person who reviewed her.
I've seen that happen to. Recently.
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