When is a post considered "new"?


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With a lot of members in moderation it makes the flow of threads confusing sometimes.

NOTE: before I continue I want to make it clear this is NOT a complaint about users being moderated.

So if say someone being moderated posts on Sunday night, and before his post gets approved three more unmoderated users post.
I hit "new posts" when I come in and see the thread listed with the three new posts.

Now Monday morning the moderated post is approved.

If I hit "new Posts" now will that thread show in the results since I have yet to read the moderated post?

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The simple answer is no. The moderated post drops in when it was written. Example is I wrote a post about the Kentucky Derby before the race but it wasn’t reviewed by a moderator until Tuesday. By then the post made no sense so it was, correctly, deleted.
When someone posts say on a Friday night they got shot at during a cruise through Hempstead and they are in moderation nobody may see that until Monday or Tuesday. Makes the post useless since the bodies piled up all weekend. An obvious exaggeration but trying to make the point.
I understand the concept of moderation but it does in my opinion at times fail the members in terms of useful timely information.


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Your exaggerated case might have been more convincing if you didn't preclude it with the real reason you are bothered. Because you posted a bad joke and are upset that no one saw it.

I have news for you... The timing of the race had nothing to do with why your post wasn't approved. That post wouldn't have been approved if all the moderators were looking right at the queue the second you posted it.

This is not a news site and you are not journalists posting breaking news. It's a chat board for reviewing escorts. Nothing about that is urgent.