trick or treat!

After a hiatus of more than a year, several weeks ago I returned from a stay (my fifth) at Viking’s in the Dominican Republic. This absence was the result of my substituting a couple of trips to Europe for the semi-annual pilgrimage to the DR. That may not constitute a break, as the trips across the pond were to hookup with girls I met in the DR.

The biggest change in the place is that it’s not in the same place I left it. They are remodeling a new location, and in the interim are in a leased villa. The temporary digs are a little nicer than the original location, maybe 30 yards from the ocean with the beach accessible down one flight of steps. The only problem is that it’s on the far side of Puerta Plata from the airport. The original villas were and the new location will be closer to Sosua. Puerta Plata is just not as tourist friendly as Cabarete and Sosua. This may be a moot point by the time I post this, as their move to the new villa was imminent.

The proximity to a private beach had an odd effect: no one spent much time at the beach. At the old location going to the beach meant an outing to the beach in Sosua or Cabarete, usually with anywhere from 2 to 8 couples going. Once there you were there for 2 or 3 hours, drinking pina coladas in the company of topless eye candy. With the ocean now so close, anyone that wants to swim runs down, swims for a few minutes, and comes back up to the villa. It’s easier and cheaper, but just doesn’t have the same sense of it being a social occasion.

Enough travelogue, lets get to what you want hear about. In a post a while back I mentioned that while the girls at the villa are all attractive, there are usually a couple that are just over the top. This pattern held true once again, but with a twist: 2 of the best looking girls were both still available when I arrived. One girl was about 5’10”, brown eyes, long brown hair, with a nice athletic build. Ukrainian, but with her coloration and tan she might be mistaken for Hispanic. The other girl was maybe 5’7”, slender, with curly light brown hair and devastating grey eyes. Preferring petite women, I started chatting with the latter. As stunning as she was, as I was even more impressed as I got to know her: Ukrainian, 22, grad student in languages, fluent in English, French, and with a workable knowledge of Spanish. When I arrived she was reading a French novel as part of a class assignment, and would occasionally act as an English translator for the other girls, or a Spanish translator for me. Just talking to her for a few minutes it was obvious that this is a very bright woman. Even better, she proved to be affectionate, responsive and enthusiastic in the sack. She’s also a voracious kisser – I’m not sure I’ve ever had a girl try to nibble on my uvula during sex before. While there were some interesting options available, there was no reason to go with anyone else during the trip.

There were a total of 8 girls at the villa. Along with the two I’ve mentioned, there was a nice taller blonde (athletic build, brown eyes, great dimples, funny personality) that also ranked up there in looks. The other girls all had something to recommend them, but also obvious weaknesses. Two of the girls were frequently sunbathing or just strolling around topless: another brunette (best overall body, but a face that is best described as pleasant) and a dirty blond (cute, amazing natural tits, but an ass starting to go to seed). One girl was nice looking, but in a pneumatic blonde / stripper mode (fake tits, tat around navel), another was reasonably attractive blonde, but a little out of her league. The 8th girl – a tall buxom blonde – I did not even see her until the last day. She had been “off-site” with a VIP that preferred a hotel to mingling with the common folk.

The most memorable evening was the annual Halloween party. All the girls were supplied with some pretty sexy costumes, which they were more than happy to pose in. There where two Playboy bunnies, one of Santa’s elves, a teddy bear, an angel, Catwoman, and my girl as the captain of the mile high club. After a couple of hours of drinking and dancing the girls lost the costumes and all seven couples ended up making out in the pool before wandering off to bed.