This shit's gotta stop

Too much shit going down the last few days that is drawing unnecessary attention from our esteemed APM:

• Do not complain about the amount of advertising on this board. Ever. It's what allows the board to operate.
• Stop posting comments about your experiences with providers rather than actual reviews. If you already reviewed her and you are merely commenting to verify something someone else has stated, then that is allowable. Use your discretion. Just be smart about it. We are not trying to be zealots here, but the comments are really starting to get out of hand.
• Let's cut down on the political jokes. In all fairness, I thought several of the recent ones were spot on and quite funny. But Slinky is concerned that we could be headed down the rabbit hole for a repeat of what happened when the Politics & Religion section was alive and well. I am sorry if I led anyone astray in this.

I will be adding to this as I see fit when it becomes necessary, so don't disregard it when you see it appear in new postings and think it contains old news. If it's in new posts, it means that either I or another mod felt the need to warn you guys about new shit.
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While I applaud the scam threads - there are at least three right now - for their help in warning members, the bravado replies need to end. We cannot have members bragging about how they are going to kick ass on these scamming providers. We are sorry for your misfortune but we cannot condone violence on anyone. Any comment along these lines will be immediately deleted and the member may be placed in moderation or even outright banned. This is a serious matter for the board and will not be tolerated.
I'm bumping this thread because the naming of other websites has continued. I just cut a guy some slack and did not enforce my threat because I felt what he had to say was valuable and I hated to lose the post. But that is the last time I'm doing this. Starting this minute, any post that references another website will be deleted.