Thick Thai Jennifer - Great Time will Repeat 501-777-8424

I tried to see Thai Jennifer in a few cities and then finally caught up with her in Tyson's corner. She usually tours and takes appointments in spas but this time she has an apartment which I liked better. I showed up, parked and let her know I was parked. Waited a couple mins and was told where to go to find the apartment. Easy to arrive and safe feeling. I like the apartment setups....

I got to the floor and was welcomed by a curvy cute sassy Thai lady.....I knew from reviews and photos that she is thick and curvy and yes she was. But I sound she was shorter and than I expected, not huge. But yes thick and Juicy. I guess stacked would be a good word to describe Thai Jennifer.
She was friendly in welcoming me and spoke English very well. Much better than I had expected.

When I got into the private apartment Jennifer welcomed me and got me undressed. She flirt and jokes with me and took all my clothes off, acting like my new college GF. Wish I was in college now or had a GF like Thai Jennifer. She did not waste time laying claim to my lower body with her hands and lips and tongue...

They do have a standing shower to we clean up more there and she continues to make sure I feel like something is special about my cock.
She knew what to do with pretty much the whole lower body from the waist down. Her technique licking my taint balls and cock sides is something I won't soon forget, as was also her dirty talk. Her fluent English being put to great use haha!
Eventually she transitioned from cock worship to full event all systems go, Many positions enjoyed: Mish, Standing Mish, Standing doggie, CG.....she told me she liked CG the most with me. Everything felt like it was with no rush and much encouragement, The best was doggie and that is where we ended up finishing for this chapter.
This was a great time, I look forward to the rest of the book thought because I can tell Jen has a lot of layers to be unpacked.