The state of the Hobby in New Jersey

I used to monger a lot in NNJ. I've cut back considerably basically because of the increased LE heat over the last year or so and also in an attempt to save a few $$.
I suspect that the fact MPs are poping up in NEPA like zits on a teenager is also a response to the LE activity in NJ. There is a section of PA where in a 2-3 mile strip there used to be one MP - less than a year later there are five. And I'm told by insiders that this has nothing to do with the casino. In fact, my inside guys tell me that the fact that the casino opened made in HARDER for the MPs to get approval to open, since local athorities were already worried about the negative effect the casino would have on the communtiy.

Except for a barley on the radar NNJ RPM I visit only occasionally, most of my play is in NYC and NEPA when I drive through there. I figure if I'm headed west - there's no real reason to stop in NNJ when I can get the same service, for less money and less risk, if I wait until I cross the PA border. Of course I normally drive thru NNJ/NEPA anyway. I don't think I'd make a special trip to PA just for a little nookie. But still, it;s obvious that the heat in NNJ has pushed at least some of the business west.

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True but from where I sit most of what's left is overpriced or has a bad attitude/poor business practices.

I cruised Eros NYC yesterday to find that most of the women on there are around 350-400 an hour. Some I saw in the 600-800 range. I don't know if they are tryin to just do lower numbers and get that rate or are serious about charging that rate.

I know for me, I used to be able to go for the 800 an hour and see her for 2 hours. Hell I just had a great SB from the Fashion Institute who cost a nice coin. But I really wasn't interested in any of the 800 or even 600 dollar girls because of the cash crunch. Even the 350-400 girls seems liked they would usually be in the 200-250 ranged. Just seemed very odd all the prices I saw yesterday.
I for one have been relying on a couple of AMPs that continue to charge a total of $160-$170 per hour (tip already included) for FS. Fairly cheap, reliable and you sometimes get a kickass massage depending on the place and girl. Occasionally I'll go to BU or another stripclub that can result in extras, like Temps or the Post, but I hear rumors that private dances are gone from BU (although, I don't know if that's only in the daytime like it used to always be, or no dances at all anymore), and places like the Post and Temps can siphon a lot of cash out of you for a cramped little booth and very little time--that's why I tend to stick to AMPs. I'm thinking about checking out P-town more--never checked out places like Roxxies during the day or most of the usual places--only MDs once, really. I don't count the Post as P-town. I wish I could find something like what SO's had going on.
This economy has my hobbying money tight. I expect business to be 15% off from 2007 which was about 10% off from 2006.
This is, in my opinion, the extent of it.

As bad as the current economy is hitting NY it hit NJ first and deeper.

I've managed to insulate myself from it as much as I could and even I'm feeling the pinch in my entertainment budget. Many of the people I know in this state have disregarded their '08 plans for vacations and any higher end entertaining of themselves.

In any period where people are either feeling a money squeeze, or anticipate one coming not too far down the road, the first thing they divest the budget of is expensive entertainment and shift that money into higher priority spending.
The busted agency was not one of the more careful. My sense is that the good agencies (IG, YLS) are doing fine. I have used both with confidence.

Both of these agencies have done the smart thing and gone a bit more under-ground. Dealing mostly with regulars and forgoing seeing new people other than those who were sent to them by established customers.

There is no question that NNJ is hotter than it was, from an LE stand-point, from this same time last year. I don't think it is so hot though that it, alone, is the reason for the fall off in business.

That, as I have stated above, I believe to be the effect of the combined fall off in the economy and the perception that it is going to get nothing but worse.
The plain truth is most providers have priced themselves out of the market.

With today's economy most hobbyists simply don't have the cash to throw around they used to and simply won't put up with some of the bullshit a lot of providers think they can get away with.

My advice would be to roll back the prices some and provide a more enjoyable experience vis a vis the intangibles. Treat the hobbyists with a smile. Make them feel welcome. Don't watch the clock. Take a shower. Put on makeup and perfume and don't make the customer think he's on an assembly line.
While I will never tell [suggest, maybe, but tell... no] a merchant what s/he ought to charge for his/her catalog I will say that there is a small agency in NYC that has taken the approach you mentioned above and done very well.

It is, or should be, more of a UTR sort of place so I can't mention the name of it here but it is one that is very familiar with those who have been in the NYC scene for any length of time. They came back onto the scene with lower than average pricing [$225/hr], done quite a bit in the value added area [gals dress up and the service is very client satisfaction oriented], and have been doing rather well. In fact, well enough to attract more attention than I think they initially wanted.

Time will tell in that regard.

The point is though that I think what you said, though I wouldn't refer to their current pricing models as "bullshit", has merit and could work to bring agency profits back up.
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One of the main reasons why the NJ agency owners arent making money isnt because it is slow-the main reason is alot of these girls will say "If you want to see me again don't call the agency-call me direct"."Instead of giving the agency $200 give me $150.00 for the hour and I will do you the same like I always do-agency style".Do you know how many times I have heard that in yhe past few years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That isn't a new phenomena and quite frankly I don't think it happens anymore now than it ever did.

For instance, I know Lacy's gals are far more loyal to her, on average, than many agency owners. I am sure she is feeling the pinch as much as anyone else is though.

Agencies who didn't pay as much attention to that going on as they use to are going to find themselves in the postion of having to pay more mind to it though, as they look for ways to affect shrinking profits margins.
I think I have a few reasons. Most of them could be attributed to the heat from LE.

Like Bunyon, I think a lot of guys in NNJ don't mind taking a trip into the city for action.
A thought on that...

I have noted an increase in independents and even what appears to be a few new agencies in the Lehigh Valley area.

I doubt that is due to mongers in that area increasing their activity.

The cities and towns of ABE [Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton] have been hard hit economically for some time. This has caused the downturn in pricing that I am sure will eventually come to NJ and NY to have already taken place there some time ago. It just never appeared on the NNJ/NYC area radar because of the distances involved.

What I think is that mongers, especially those of the NW portion of NJ, have moved their business west [just like home buyers moved their attention westward to find cheaper home prices]. I also think it has attracted the attention of more and more CNJ and even NENJ and NYC mongers as they tighten their belts.

That is the only reason I can see for more and higher quality providers appearing in that region of late. [don't get me wrong though, it is still a trickle when compared to the number and quality of that available in NNJ and NYC... I just noticed what appears to be a small trend is all]
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This paragraph by Ace, especially, captures my thoughts on the topic. There are undoubtedly more providers and provider venues in NYC and they blend in a lot better in densely populated NYC.
In fact that exact opposite is happening.

Val shut her place down. Shauna. The LI scene is going dead. The underground in NYC is floundering at the moment.

If anything the number of sex for sale businesses in NYC and its immediate area are very much on the decline.

The scene in NNJ though effected, by comparison is faring much better on the agency front with at least 4 strong mid-level agencies providing several dozen providers on a regular basis to the N and C NJ area.

CL is a lousy indicator of the health of the industry as a whole but the NNJ and CNJ postings, even accounting for all the bullshit of people using things like "EzAd" and the like, seem as busy as ever. And as I noted above the Lehigh Valley ads have increased two fold, easily.
#35 I mentioned above. They are not taking new clients.

You could check the review section. I reviewed a place that was advertising a few months ago and has since gone under the radar. I can't guarantee that you will get in but it might be worth a try. I've heard from people that have tried since they stopped advertising that they've been turned away at the door.
As I said, while I think the agency scene [even with SITC getting popped, etc] is healthy. The remaining agencies are, smartly, reducing their client base to known mongers.

Referrals from known mongers and providers are going to be more de reguire for new customers for awhile.
This thread by Jarhead pretty much sums up the state of the hobby in NJ:
I disagree PB.

It refers almost exclusively to A & R MP's.

That isn't new news. There has been a crackdown going on Russian and Asian MP's for some time now in NNJ. It has every bit as much to do with who runs those places [Russian and Asian organized crime] and their involvement of human trafficking as it does the fact that sex is for sale.

NJIncalls and SITC both used VERY sloppy screening techniques. In fact, they were told about that and suggestions given on how to improve them. They weren't interested. They got caught. In fact, in NJIC's case, more than once.

There is certainly quite a bit of attention being focused on CL of late. I don't think that effects agencies that avoid CL as a source of advertising. I don't think LE's attention is focused on agencies specifically either. If they get caught up in the CL thing... {shrugging shoulders}
I suspect that the fact MPs are poping up in NEPA like zits on a teenager is also a response to the LE activity in NJ.

Now here I totally agree.

While the local talent in the Lehigh Valley is popping up due to what I believe to be increased demand, the appearance of AMP's and RMP's in that area and the Poconos is directly related to LE activity in NY and NJ.

[Also the legislation regarding licensing mentioned in this thread as well]
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Thoughts on the hobby and the services in NJ

In reading the back and forth here and all of the other sites we all visit and the thread here it started me thinking about a number of things. We all seem to be in this for a wide range of reasons and seem to have very different expectations from the services provided by unlicensed MP's.
In my case a primary focus is the massage. Anything beyond that that is offered by a consenting adult in a mutually satisfying experience is a bonus. I have been, and still go to, some very high end spas around the country (HI, AZ, CA, FL, NJ). These are also very satisfying and relaxing environments with great services.
The reason I like visiting AMP's, in particular, is because for ~$80-$120 or so (with tip) you can get a good to great massage, table shower and a friendly, happy provider. If you look at the licensed world like or you will see what I mean. Each item (foot massage, body treatment, shiatsu, etc.) will cost you as much as the total experience in the places we visit. So I, for one, am very appreciative for the service I receive for what I am paying. If I were looking primarily for the extras I look for a GFE hooker that happens to give a massage and pay the full freight of $2-300 or more.
Another item that I read about in an article on services in Japan is that the services are kept to the asian countrymen mostly. Massage is just that, massage with a hand release to completely relax the customer. Nothing sensual in this just a complete relaxation. Sex is for the prostitutes and is considered entirely separate.
In the end, like I said in the beginning, we are all in this for different reasons. Since I do not like RMP's or the Spanish versions I will limit mt thoughts to AMP's. If this new law goes through and even if many of the AMP's get licenses I think the prices will rise and the extra's will drop because of the threat of losing the license.
Wow havent been here in a minute, had my own personal economic downturn not to long ago, an finally i'm having an upbeat financial time. After that scare though im really reluctant to see anyone but one of my reg gfe providers that I know are good an reasonably priced. I was previously throwing money down the toilet with frankly lack luster crappy providers. LE issues are a consideration as well, to much risk trying to find the needle in the haystack providers at the moment.