Taylor - North Bergen

Tonight I went and spent some time with. Pictures do not due her justice. that being said you must enjoy petite women 5'0" maybe 100, small everything and unshaved kittie. For a few time visit I did take the 30min rate (140) and got say22-25 minutes. I did not push the extra time, but was made to fill welcomed there. Everything covered, multiple positions enjoyed.

was not an easy pop tonight, so she had to work for it. And she did with out a blink of the eye. What else can I say, if I was not headed to vegas tomorrow I would see her again this week.


If you visit her, curious your take on her.
the link is dead... i searched for taylor and came up with many but they did not seem to match your description... (which i am interested in).

could you give us a few hints at how to find her?