Sophia Belle - 919-888-7318

February 16th - February 23rd (morning)

February 23rd (evening) - March 2nd (morning)
Garden City

March 2nd (evening) - March 9th (morning)

$250hr $160hh $100qv

These rates are for UG friendly clients only.

IF YOU DONT MENTION UG, you will be quoted a higher rate!

~ Sophia Belle
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I have been a paying advertiser here for quite a while and I always let everyone know what my availability is.... so now I am going to let everyone - All Members, Lurkers, mongers, and bitches - know what I am not available for...

1 - I am not your therapist

2 - I am not your family counselor

3 - I am not a referee

4 - I am not available to discuss all of your issues with other members or moderators

5 - I am not available to work with any other bitches

6 - I am not available to call other people to settle your disagreements

7 - I am not available to receive texts, emails, or phone calls to listen to how everyone is breaking the rules and getting free advertising

8 - I am not available to any of you “14 inch computer dick” guys

9 - I am not available to deal with anyone else’s drama

10 - I am not available to “party” or do any drugs

So....... with that... if you want to spend your session with me discussing any of the above bullshit, then just remember the clock is ticking.... but if you have not paid me for my time, please don’t waste my time with drama.

I am available to have some fun. I am always down to smoke some weed, eat some edibles, drink some margaritas and chill. And of course I am available to go to awesome sex parties in Manhattan!!!

I truly enjoy what I do for a living - who wouldn’t?!? But I don’t enjoy all the drama. I like most all of you on here so please don’t make me play peacemaker.
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* If a genuinely passionate and sensual experience is what you are searching for, then look no further.

*I truly enjoy the privilege of getting to know all about you and learning all of your triggers.

* I provide a one of a kind, exceptional experience that will keep you mesmerized until we meet again.

* Id love to have the opportunity to show you what you've been missing.



~Sophia Belle

* 919*888*7318

* $250hr

* $160hh

I accept:

~Farmingdale April 11-April 17
~Islandia April 17- April 22


B5EC1624-B6CE-4383-A23F-617B0514BC6C.jpeg 2D02AEEB-F880-48EA-8ABB-C9053410204A.jpeg
Here is my schedule:

Garden City
May 20-May 24
8am to 10pm

May 27-May31
8am to 10pm

*Night and weekend appointments have to be discussed in more depth.

For the friends I have already made:
If you’re wanting to schedule a double with Angel and I, it has to be prebooked without question. Both of us are busy ladies and we have to make sure it fits both our schedules.
$600hr $400hh