Sex with Muslim women

really intrigued by this thread

in ME right now and all i can say these are very horny sluts. agree with whoever said that they have a fetish 4 "Kafir " cock.
I have humped quite a few muslim chicks in my travels around the world. I had some fine Paki girls in Dubai, yes its true they are not into any foreplay, they almost want you to do it and get it done quick. They also do not like to make eye contact.. maybe a guilt.

However the ones from turkey were more open to a lot more, they tend to be a little chunky as Arab/muslim men seem to like chubby women. I was also told that the turkish men prefer anal sex, so the provided I did was suprised that i wasm't too much into anal sex.
I stumbled on a Muslim brothel in Singapore back in 2009. It was US$15 a pop, and the girls were wearing full hijab so YMMV. I went three times, with 3 different gals. One was chubby and much older with the burka off, the others were cuties in their 20s. All were surprised as this place generally only caters to Muslims of Indian and Pakistani descent. I was their first white man. One was particularly nervous and explained to me in broken english that she saw American porn and doesnt like the weird stuff they do in bed. I assured her I only do "normal" stuff and she relaxed after I put my cock in the "right" hole.

Dont know if it exists today, but back then it was near LOR 22, on one of the side alleys.