Review: Cindy

Too much time has passed between this writing and my visit, but I think my details haven't changed too much. I believe I'm in the ballpark with numbers, though.

She keeps posting in CL, as a 40 year-old (most of the time) with no driver. She lists a bunch of towns in Morris County, too. We made arrangements to meet up at the Days Inn in Parisppany. Be sure you're parked legally - the people at Fuddrucker's apparently don't want the hotel traffic in their parking lot. Called to get the room number, and went upstairs. That night there were people around, so I wanted to stay outside for as little time as possible. She was good-looking, and more importantly to me, she was wearing that pink nightie featured in her pictures, too. Skin tone's accurate and she has brown curly hair down to her shoulders. The face was easy on the eyes, and her glasses reminded me of a nasty librarian (the fantasy kind). I almost wanted to mention she should play up that theme, but refrained. I vaguely remember a little cottage cheese on the thighs, but I can't recall for certain. She was wearing black heels and thigh-hi's.

I dished out $1.80 for 60. She may be familiar with BBBJ but only in the most technical sense. She just put her lips on the organ and roamed all over that way. I don't think she even bothered to touch the head. My only thought was "ugh". There may have been LFK, but I recall no DFK. At times, she seemed to position herself to make certain parts of her body inaccessible to me. She went covered cowgirl but the moment wasn't very special. Yes, I had my cup of coffee, and we chatted afterwards. She's from the northwest and even mentioned going back for a short while to visit.

I'm not planning on a repeat visit. I could have done much worse (and have) but I also felt I could have done much better. There's one prospect in Hopatcong I'd like to audition, as well as another one further east down Route 80.
oof! well if it makes you feel any better.... and im sure it doesnt .... i had a worse experience that i have to post up.

Thanks for your review though.... thats money i dont have to waste.
searching4Ever, if your prospect in Hopatcong is Gina, you may want to re-think. While she is fairly enthusiastic, the pics she posts are several years old. I saw her during the summer and she is a lot heavier (mid-sized BBW) than the pics lead you to believe.
Thank you very much, James

That info is VERY valuable to me. Her pictures were on the borderline for what I'd like to see in a provider. What stumps me is her use of TWO sets of ads, unless the sets are from two different people. One of them quotes a different rate than the other.

I may still see her just the same.

That other prospect in the Hacksensack area will send you her picture if you answer her ad. She'll ask for one of you in return. Yes, we did exchange, and no, I won't post hers here.
If you see her, I'd like to know how you do (and if you see Kitty - who she recently started advertising with). I've seen both the adds and believe they are both her - not sure why sometimes she advertises higher, but usually it is at 175/hr (actually, two pops and then she gets you out the door).

Good luck.