Review: Bria


I've seen Bria twice. First time was great:

Well, I was right. Only downside was the cigarette smoke. Otherwise just about perfect. Smoking hot 23 year old body, 115 lbs. Firm young small tits (she said C cup, don't believe it), nice round ass. I’m gonna dream about this for a while. Ditsy and talkative. Cute as hell. Tatoos. Rotator cuff injury, prob. from giving too many blowjobs as she uses her hand. Creepy explanation about the spermicide condoms. Immediately started undressing. Offered massage. Got freakin hard. Even used elbow on massage on her sore spot. This girl was my size. Will definitely stretch out the half hour. Turned her over. some nipple sucking, some grinding but mostly cheek to cheek. Then CBJ, and she did work for it. About 100 strokes. Took my full length. Gagged once. Came on top, cowgirl. Immediately gets going. This is real. Slid right on and in. Pulled her close. She started pistoning. Keeping this one to myself and not sharing with UG. Or should I? then let her rise a bit, then sat up, wheelbarrel like, then she leaned back, I came, pumped some more. She wanted me on top. Took me out, saw and then asked if I came. I said yes, but was still hard. Offered to make her cum while on top. As long as sperm didn’t leak out of condom she was ok. Pumped. Saw I was going to go soft soon enough and I pumped. She said she was cumming, told her to cum, she did...I ran out of gas. Came off. Asked to shower. Told me to flush the condom (wierd, bad for sewage system, no?). A bit more chatting. Loved those abs. As soon as we were done fucking, she’s getting dressed. Gotta love it. she was on pain killers she had said. Otherwise would weight 125. Personally, don’t see how but she said she lost a lot of weight. Will definitely repeat and soon. Try different possitions. She looks young and flexible.

Second time, it sucked:

Overall lousy, but still ok. Cons: smoker, heavy. Empty Heinekin's & Cigarettes. Smelly ass. Not well kept. No DATY. Pros: still a hot body. It will go. With time. Session: CBJ. Stood instead of lied on the bed. First, massage. Wasn’t a hard massage, just caressing. She was sick, allergies, Allegra. Hot soup. Wasn’t into it, but a trooper, doing what she does..still heavy smoke smell. On her back. Entry. Rough. Offered lube. I was ok. Changed position. Lube. Doggie. Got really hard. Originally was rock hard while massaging, then turned around and did her hamstrings/legs...lost the firmness. Maybe 200 thrusts. Maybe 50 CBJ. Came. cleaned up a bit. Slight massage. Showered. Left. 30 minutes exactly.

Oh yeah, no DATY and CBJ only. To explain the spermicide comment, when she bought regular brand of condoms, didn't notice they weren't the same and had spermicide. Thus, had to still give the blow jobs, spermicide and all...yeech she said.
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she just recently posted extras available, so my curiousity is peaked for seeking an alternate entrance. Anyways, forgot to mention the damage, $100 for hh.
A month later she shows up again on BP: So, Bria was ole reliable. Did quickie, $80, that’s all I need. Lifeless, unenthused, (like your wife?..haha)...forced her to hug me and put her arms around me. Caressed, hugged, turned her around, more, buttocks, ass...hard...cbj, one deep suck, maybe 30-40 before, played with her tits while being sucked on, entered, mish but legs on my shoulders...brief...wanted cowgirl, she got on top, got into it, rocked, I lasted long enough, she did have an orgasm, you coud tell by the grinding, or going deeper. My Hands on her breast, between my forearms, great set, my size, hands behind her ears, neck, really breast play, not much ass play. Sat up..Came while facing her, she felt it and pump/pushed a bit more, we both leaned back. talked, took condom off, flushed it, tried to pee, skipped shower (no real need, she doesn’t put on perfume - it would just be for the smoke). She does 8-10 guys or more on a good day, but like Thursday only 2-3 guys, Wednesday, was good she said. Some 4 or 5 in the morning...guys who get laid before work...asked for a code or something, to make this more streamlined in the future...discussed, but no code. Forgot to offer to take pics of her, damn, would like some pics of her too...but need an app that will allow password protection of photos. Asked about extras...called fetishes here...cum on her face, prob. caught her off guard, extra $20. No anal possible, hurt her like hell when she tried once, a long time ago. So that’s off the table. But hell, $80 for a quickie with a hot 23 yr. old...pretty damn good.
Following week, called. 15 minutes. Exactly. right to the room. Right down to business. Hug. Feel. Undress. Such perfect breasts. such a hot skinny body. Shaved clit. Caress. took out her hair piece/clip. Already hard with High T just taking off my underwear and seeing her naked. Wanted to go straight to the bed. Nope. Pull her away. Put her up against the wall. Frisk position. Felt breasts, clit, pushed her forward, pulled her back. Perfect size 5’2”...condom. able to penetrate standing. did for awhile. was counting. maybe 50-100...came out. Got onto bed. Standing blowjob, covered as usual. Had her tickle my balls a bit. Cowgirl...told her b/c she liked it, then reverse cowgirl. I was hard, she went so far forward, thought my dick was going to snap back and hurt my stomach if it came out. Grinded up against, wherever...nice ass. played a bit with her hole, no objections...good..just grazing over...will try a bit more in future sessions. sideways..lots of easy pumping. (Crap, getting hard while writing), feeling her breasts, nipples, cheeks, ears...all while sideways, intertwined. then doggie, also got up high and pumped downwards...about 20 or 21...then came. Still hard and pumped a bit more. washed my cock with some soap and split...just about 15 minutes exactly. Damage $80
There's no DATY with BP girls and for good reason. Tried an experiment thought, DATY with saran wrap. Worked until my tongue darted through and made a hole. Started with regular me hard. then the DATY. Then 69...wasn’t good. Not a great position for her. Didn’t get down low. Doggie on side of bed. Very good. I know overall 700-800+...lost count several times. Standing cbj. Waited and enjoyed...made her work for it. Over 100 definitely. Made her grab my ass, tickle my balls. Cowgirl. she came. tried standing her up, against the wall, but wasn’t hard enough. Told her to get on her stomach. She put a pillow under her midsection to lift her up. Wasn’t so hard, but pushed in and got hard. Pumped a lot, sometimes fast, sometimes a bit slow. Good angle for her. At one point, her right hand was on her right breast. Sweet. Tried doggie on bed, didn’t really work but covered a lot of ground anyways with the different positions. Came. Felt great. Stayed in and still moved a bit. she was into it...but didn’t come like when she was on top. Hell, could’ve lasted a long time with her on top....maybe give her two? manual release for 2nd, or anything...with full hour only...didn’t bother asking price. Damage was $100. I was feeling back about the $80 and took the extra 15 minutes for HH.
A long time goes by. So, saw her ad. Jumped on it. No answer. No answer. Then at my desk, answered. damn. So, 20 minutes later...How are you? bad...her leg, her knee, hip, discussions about her problems. She was in bad shape. Still smoking hot body, except for severely fucked up and scary looking knee. She was limited in ability. Said she was on painkillers in the past. Although only mentioned her shoulder. Felt bad actually. Also, this would likely be a lousy session. Glad I took my High-T though. More playing with me b4 condom. Rock hard. Lied on her stomach, my head...then CBJ, put the effort in...about 50 sucks..maybe pushed a bit more to 70. Cowgirl. Over 100...she didn’t last because of her knee. Mish. went flat on her. Played with her nipples and breasts a lot more. Saw breast hairs for the 1st time...they need to be cut. Mish. Pumping. Lasted a long time. Then she said like 10 minutes left or something which interrupted me. Damn. Told me she was going to cum, and said she remembered I like to be told when she's coming. Not great and faking I’m sure...still feels good to hear. Had her head in my neck/shoulder and that felt good. In cowgirl, caressed her back, ass, sucked on her nipples. Played with them more. Tried to get my money’s for in my HH...and from now on...$80 for quickie. HH is just not worth it. Some sideways action between cowgirl and mish. Cock between buttocks. Still feels great, her size is perfect. 5’2”? Came. Stayed in for awhile. 100-200? Shower. Weird substance on cock, underside, was difficult to come off. From her ass? Eww. Smelly pussy too. But that’s part for what she’s going through. But between smoking and all her physical problems...have to just about cross her off my list...except for a quick $80 shag...straight sex. Said her business has gone down. Said she had $300 when I saw her...but usually about $, what a fucking fortune she, or these girls, pull in...Haven't seen her since though. She's off the radar. Damage $100 for the HH with a lot more talking this time.
Any idea if she still works in the area? Right near me and is perfect for me, the backpage ad is still up but nothing new has been posted in almost a year.