Rev: Chiara Delano

This is an instance in which I don’t want to get into too many specifics in order to maintain my anonymity. However, I do want to post a review because I can highly recommend Chiara and know that others on this board would enjoy spending time with her.

Let’s get a few things out of the way: she screens, although a reference from another provider will preclude her needing your employer info. All arrangements are made via email until you arrive on her corner. The photos on her site may be a bit old. She actually seems thinner than in the photos. In fact, she joked about her figure during the session in the context of how difficult it was for her to buy clothes because she has an augmented bust but a thin waste and hips.

The best way to describe Chiara is that she is a well educated, upscale British escort in her mid-to-late 20s. She’s well traveled, and I get the impression that she mostly meets with men of means who have wined and dined her over the years. And, frankly, she’s the type of young woman you’d want to take out. She’s gorgeous, physically fit, busty, leggy, can carry on an intelligent conversation and has a self confidence that I only wish more providers had. And then there’s that sexy British accent…

As “refined” as I may have described her, don’t get the wrong impression. In the bedroom, she can be as foul mouthed and nasty as you want her to be. I requested some very specific activities, and she was extremely accommodating. In addition, most acronyms were on the table (not sure about Greek, although at one point she did bring it up, so it’s possible). If there’s anything I would critique, it’s that her BBBJ was a bit ordinary — no spitting, slurping or any of the nastier, fun stuff. On the other hand, once you’re inside her, she can pump your cock with the strongest vaginal muscles I’ve every experienced (even better than my ATF, Sofia from Miami). And she didn’t flinch when I stuck a finger in her during DATY. We went two rounds in the hour.

I wish I could get into some of the details of our session and our discussion, as I found it interesting. Enough to say that, if you can afford her, and you want something specific from an intelligent provider, you won’t be disappointed.

She charges $500/hour. Here’s the link to her site:

I believe she’s only in town for a few more days. But she said she may be back in February.

Note: She does incall on the UES. She said that the apartment was a “corporate rental” and it occurred to me that the layout was very similar to the apartment in which I had seen Ingrid a few months ago. It may have been in the same complex (I’m sure it wasn’t the same apartment). Anyway, it was clean and comfortable, if a bit sparsely decorated.
So Chiara was back in town (she lives and goes to college in Athens) and I decided to see her again. I’m so glad I did. This was, by far, the best session I’ve had with a provider in a really, really long time.

She’s just got such a great attitude, fun, sexually aggressive, extremely attractive (if you like tall, thin, British blondes) and totally focused on giving you a good time. Kind of a cross between GFE and PSE, with lots of dirty talk, lots of different positions (including doggy on the floor in front of a huge mirror), and most acronyms (I’m pretty sure she’s not into Greek and no digits; she also does doubles with a select few girls, but seems to be quite enthusiastic about getting it on with those particular girls).

On her site, in her “gifts” section, she lists a certain brand of Champaign. Last time I saw her, she opened a really cheap bottle of Prosecco, which was kind of a chore to drink because it was so sweet. I had wanted to buy a bottle of the Champaign brand she listed on her site, but just didn’t have the time, what with work and family. So, on my way over to visit her in her UES pad, I stopped off in the first liquor store I could find. Piper Heidsieck was the best they had on ice. I was glad I did.

We ended up starting the session off with a glass, which put us both in the mood. Her British accent is sexy, and her British-isms cute. After the sex, we pretty much finished the bottle chatting. She got quite tipsy and entertained me with tales of her history in the Hobby and we went well over the hour. It seems that the scene in London can get quite raunchy and kinky. She told me that she tries to likes working out of Paris, where the scene is very international and she has no trouble getting business. She recommended several New York providers to me (or providers who travel to NYC). Overall, she said, almost with embarrassment, that she has felt no impact of the economic downturn in her business.

I can understand why. When you’re on the top of your game, you’ll get recognized and rewarded. She charges $500/hour now, although she told me a few years ago she was charging $700. She retired for a while and when she came back was a little worried that she couldn’t just reenter the market at her old rate. I didn’t want to tell her that she could easily charge $1K and fill up her dance card. Because I couldn’t afford her, if she did!

She visits New York a few times a year. I’d strongly recommend keeping an eye out for her next visit. I will.