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Review of TOP TS Tranny Ashey Belice


There is no sticky thread for noobs to post reviews here so Im posting on this thread

Ashley is a pure sex Goddess. I had asked her after our last date when she would be in my area again and I kept that date on my mind.

Even though wifey was home today and it was risky to dissapear without explaination, I really wanted to see Ashley again. So I did want any guy would do. I made an excuse, left wifey home and went to see my beautiful sexy top Goddess. And it was worth risking pissing off wifey for a date with Ashley. This time was better than last time.

Although the session the first time was great, I think she gets more comfortable with repeat clients.

I met her at the upscale hotel she is at in Plainview. When she e mailed me saying she would be there at 1:00, I made sure I was ready and available. She came to the door in fishnet stockings, hair down and looking good enough to eat. What I really like about Ashley (besides great sex) is that she wants to sit and chat a few minutes, before and after the session. It makes me feel like she is happy to have me there and not just going through the motions with mechanical sex like so many other providers, both female and trannys. I have had plenty of bad experiences with females and EVERY tranny I have seen before Ashley was BAD. I was ready to give up on finding a great tranny when I found this thread.

The session was amazing. We started out with me going down on her, then switched to 69. then she moved me on my back and fed me her sweet cock

Then I assumed the position (doggy if you are wondering) and she fucked me slow then hard. I was in heaven when she leaned forward and pressed her tits against my back and put her cheek next to mine and told me how much she likes fucking me, continuing to fuck me hard while talking dirty in my ear.

I gotta say as a man I'm impressed with her fucking skills. She is a great top. She could be a porn star if she wanted. She can hold out for a long time and I didnt want it to end.

After she came, she was still hard, so she put me on my back and fucked me with my legs on her shoulders, jerking my cock while she pounded away. The cum I shot felt awesome from getting fucked hard and fast.

Thank U for a fantastic time Ashley. I dont know how long before I can see you again, but you know I will try to see you next time you are around and I will be there if I say I will be there.