Puebla City

Went to Mexico for vacation and one of my stops was Puebla. Girls in Mexico advertise on Twitter, since there aren’t any prohibition laws like in the U.S. I setup an encounter with a Venezuelan chick who goes by the pseudonym Jani Glam. The way things work is the girl will let you know which motel she will provide service in and you are responsible for renting a room and then providing the room # and a picture of the room this is all done through WhatsApp. Sometimes girls will team up and offer 3ways if one is interested. I opted for the triple. Jajani is a super thick (no belly) dirty blond with obvious work done, but is gorgeous in person. The other chick was also from Venezuela and goes by the name of Tiffany. These two chicks went to work on me and took me to heaven. Went two rounds in the hour. An amazing experience, I think this made me an International Monger
Price 4500 mxp or around 230 usd Twitter pages: @jajani_glam @tifanychannvip