Pool fantasy - What would you do? Almost sleeping and...

I was sleeping at the pool and my breast rising up and down almost alone at the pool. The life guard was there near by and he watched me sleeping and after a couple of minutes he came over to me and he noticed that my bottom of my bikini were held up by two ties. He could see my nipples throu my top but he was more interested at my Bottom. He reached out and pulled the strings of my Bikini bottom and he wached it to sag down my hips. Now he could see my shaved pussy. He bent down and hesitantily ran his finger over my slit. He was waiting if i would move and wake up. I did not.
So he poked his finger in me and he could feel that i was already wet. Than he bent over and he ran his tounge overe my clit and at the same time he played with my whole. My body shifted a little more in my sleep and he has to make a choice now.
He put his swimm wear down and in one movement he pushed his hard cock in my pussy.
He started to fuck me slowly and than harder and harder. And he was ready to feel my ass. He put his finger in me and than i was almost awake. I could feel his dick in me but i was so horny and happy to get fucked like that so i tried not to move and let him take advantage of me. He spit on my ass and pushed his finger in my tight ass and at the same time i had his dick in my pussy. his dick was so hard and i loved every move and i was so wet. I was almost ready to cum but i try not to move. He fucked me harder and harder and he pulled out and i could feel his cum on my ass..
He cleaned me up with his swimm wear and he over his chair to get dressed. I gave him couple of minutes and i moved my body. Now sitting up and i looked over to him and gave him a big smile. Wow what a day.
What would you do?