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You guys are too funny.. I have to just sit here and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and as for Jewel making more money than us we make more money than her so do not even think about it being that way and as for us out of business the regulars do know that we are still great the way we are... LOL... As for Hazmat aka freaky you think that Jewel convinces these girls she does not they come and ask and she hires.. It is lie. She did not tie me to a steam to get me to work. I came to her when i was getting evicted and on the street and now thanks to her and her efforts and all the GOOD GUYS IN THIS HOBBY i have a condo and have paid for my tuition in full for this my last year. As for what was said about Melissa she is mentally disturbed. When she first came to Jewels she was recommended to Jewel by a client and came with the client to meet Jewels. She gave Jewel sob story about being beat up and Jewel did what she could to help.. Yes u are right she is confused but the end of the line is she did steal cause i was working the day she did what she did. As for the ny agency she went back to this guy got taken as well by her and to be honest i think she does well with modelelite since he tried to recruit me when i first started with Jewel and asked me to sleep with him as he asks everyone else so for this it is true. As for us being out of business we are not and we will continue to hire good girls when they come too us and trust me we are not rich but we do try and get by and Jewel keeps her rates reasonably for you the HOBBYIST that complains so much about others being so expensive. I am tired of all this bashing as well and it seems as i look thru past threads it is from the same people. I know i have been answering the phone these past couple of days and all i get is i am sorry about all the shit u girls are getting on ug.. That is all i hear so for the select few i will tell you that by you bashing us is not going to get us less business but yet on the contrary more just cause they want to see what all the fuss is about... Stop it and get over it and
just go about your business and stop the bashing it is not worth it ...

Just for the is a list of summary reviews for Candybabe on *** : read em an weep.

The Reviews

Date Reviewer Appearance Performance
VIEW Oct 2003 bbrian 7 - Attractive 6 - Nice Time
VIEW Oct 2003 joeybigboy 5 - Plain 4 - She just laid there
VIEW Sep 2003 MarcusTC 7 - Attractive 4 - She just laid there
VIEW Sep 2003 opsmgr 6 - Nice 4 - She just laid there
End of Thread

Made my points :

Poor Service : Candy : Performance : "She Just laid there"..

Poor Judgement: Chloe: Discuss Private info on board

Poor Business Sense : Jewel :Hiring the 2 Gems above
Originally posted by Cat_Ballou
I'm a wee bit confused here (surprise surprise), but I've never quite understood what would have been the motivation for this indie to send such an ****** in the first place? I mean, what's in it for her?

And before anybody is publicly held responsible for sending said ****** (and proof that it exists would be a good place to start), very serious effort needs to be made to achieve what I would call "reasonable certainty." There are a lot of different motives flying about here, it seems to me, and that is way too serious an accusation to make about someone without major due diligence, IMO...
I don't know if you are aware of it. I know JL is, but may have forgotten about it and that is why he thinks this probably didn't happen. There is a whole underground network of providers hooked into each other via the internet. It is very similar, in fact it parrots, the same thing that had been done on the "john" side of the equation.

Within such ****** chains and websites there is discussed all manner of john activity. There is the sharing of known personal information of johns. There are questions to other working women asked of independents regarding the likes, dislikes, quirks and fetishes of johns they are about to see.

In fact, much the same way women in male revue palaces can act considerably more rowdy then their male counterparts in strip-clubs, these woman sharing reviews and other info on johns can be far worse then much of what is seen on PMB's.

I have witnessed some of the carnage first hand, so I know of what I speak.

John's should be aware of this and know that the only way to combat it is to NEVER cross reference the name given a provider with ANY reference to a screen name or board persona. This and to NEVER use the same name with multiple providers [particularly with agencies, who started these boards but independents are getting more tied in all the time].

If I were to use such services I would, with the rare exception of someone I believe I know well enough to trust [for instance, Cat_Ballou knows that Thorn is a specific person and can connect that person to a given name, as can April... though I have never actually been a client of least, not yet] , never provide a board persona and each would get a different name.

Its not that I think that providers would have anything to share about me that would be unflattering. Its just that I think that the money spent on sex purchases things other then the sex itself. One of these things is the ability to remain anonymoous, should that be what one cares to do. So, for clients to have a review board of providers is one thing, as long as it is not mean-spirited in nature. Though honest and candor should be encouraged. However, for providers to have an info exchange on johns, other then warnings regarding dangerous or threatening behavior [I have qualms about the sharing of that info, and in fact that is what this was supposed to be all about, but it has turned into something quite different] goes against what the client is purchasing, and therefore becomes something of an act of "breach of contract".

Just my two cents.
I AGREE lets not bring people down thats not what this is for ,
if there is a complaint about a provider we shouldnt ruin there business, we should just be adults and discuss it with the agencey.

Except that the agency's historical response has always been :

"sir..stick your finger up your ass and yell fire"

Hard to deal with someone like that..also someone who uses multiple onscreen personalities ( said it yourself..Jewel was imitating Chloe) and uses info of a personal nature about a hobbyist to intimidate him ?

Yeah maybe I should just call and we can kiss and make up !
End It

I have said all I need to say...I certainly will NEVER use any agency again with the exception of a certain one in AC area that I have used before and always been treated fairly and with discretion..kudos to the ladies of Ambiance.

Be careful out there..and for the purposes of this thread I will become an observer only from this point forward..still want to know who MrBigNj is..come one give us a hint !
Originally posted by dahmer1
anyone have a review of candy??? She looks very nice on the site.
I love these posts. There will be post after post about how some random girl was a bitch, had one breast 2 sizes larger than another, appeared to be over 60, blew smoke in your face, farted during sex, and smelled like 2 week old fish...

and some guy will post, "How do I contact her."

Really makes me laugh.
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