Open season for college girls on SA (or tall tales from doughy nerds)

Something I find interesting is the different restrictions girls on SA have. For example, some will only do oral and no sex ever or until they know you better. Others will have sex but will not do oral, again either ever or until they know you better. Some even have restrictions on the positions they’d do - just doggy, no missionary b/c that’s too personal.

Have you guys run into this?
I had one that didn't want to remove her panties, she was like just pull the thong to the side.
Fucked Nunwithagun yesterday we chilled for 3 hrs. 1 hr travel time. We smoked drank. She's kinda cute face 6.75, no body real slim ik some of you like that about 5ft5 . 27 or 28. Gave her 200 after. I never give money up front. She can't handle dick odeee tight . Fucked her for like 10 mins max was tapping out. Maybe went balls deep for 10 seconds. Head was ok. Doesnt like her head to be gently pushed for back of neck which from my end is to indicate go deeper.

Doesnt like cim busted on her tits small a's and chin. Chilled rolled up again some more head from her. Didnt kiss her just wanted to smut her out . Wore a condom she asked so of course when they ask I'm down to play safe.

Glad I only paid 200. Worst time with all sbs sex wise was easily with her. Talking about how next time we see each other. Told her uh huh. Nice , cool chick but you can tell she definitely prefers eating and being eaten then getting stretched.

Havent been on SA in 9 mos. This girl got her number back in April like so many others. Eventually may go back on SA..
She still active? Can't find profile.
Didn't work for me either. Most expire after a certain time period. Or if you used them before, you can't use the same code twice on the same account. They just raised the price. I doubt there will be a new code any time soon.
They do work. Just gotta know how to put it in. When you go to make a payment where it says promo code type VWO33. Believe its 33% off. Send the proceeds my way lol
I messaged SA about the payment issues. They responded that they are having server issues and to call them and they will process manually. give it a shot and post your results - I'm holding off for a month or two as I converted a few that were in flux - this is the number they gave me to call (775)450-4856