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I didn’t find any intel on this place so here’s a fresh review.
this place has posted last few months. Location is basement of small commercial building off NY Ave north of RR in Huntington. Ad mentions Latinas “new” to area. Photo posted and texted me were petit and shapely caramel skinned Latinas.
Rossi met me at door was curvy 30 year old Dominican with pretty face and sizeable boobs. No complaints.
She stated $60 massage with $120 tip. My first time here so I went along.
I waited 5 minutes on table as she came back still dressed. 20 minutes of oiled back rub and small talk to make her laugh with my muy mal HS Spanish.
I was hard as she asked to flip and she took off her shirt. I massaged her breasts and sucked on tits when she removed bra. Seemed to turn her on. She asked $150 more for full service but I only bring $300 to these situations which is my budgeted amount.
No problem as she searched for condom since stupid me forgot to bring one. She sucked 1 minute and proceeded to put condom on. Sucked some more.
she got on top of me riding for good 5 minutes as I watched her boobs bounce. I love that. I sensed she orgasmed and asked for doggie. No problem.
there is a mirror in room so I saw back and front banging bent over massage table. Every place should have a mirror.
After 5-10 minutes I ran out of steam. I asked her to remove condom and oil me up to use her hands. Nice work as she pumped AND rubbed her clit same time. She is horny girl.
she cleaned her and me off as we used alcohol and sanitizer like crazy.
she escorted me out as I heard other women on premises. They have a rotation I suppose.
I will treat myself next time in area. A2FC3F27-2378-4313-A9FB-4681A43EBBD1.jpeg
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