Need GFE in Boston....please help

I will be in Boston in the Copley area on June 8th. I am looking for a date. Must be a GFE and have good reviews.

I am a professional man 35 yrs old from NY. I would like to share a nice evening with a great woman.

Ladies and Gents feel free to post here or e-mail me......Thanks

Not much

in the way of GFE in center Boston, go see a Red Sox game instead. But you might want to try a search on TBD, Massachuttes/Boston Escort, and search for Stacey, Nichole, Ann, many others, but he down side is that they work out skirts of Boston or S. NH. But for the right $$$, they might travel into the city. Anybody eles know of a GFE right in the city?? Help ths boy along.

And if all else fails, go to a Red Sox game!!

Ashley gets very good marks from almost all who have seen her.

I have to say, however, that there are a few (including me) she has not impressed. I suppose it was because she was napping when I arrived and I had a devil of a time waking her to answer the door. I was flustered and she was still a little bit sleepy/disoriented. So, I had a good time, but not enough to repeat.

I am outnumbered in my opinion about 50-1.

Re: Ashley: Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

Originally posted by Othello

I am a bit curious about this woman. I was unable to see her during my last trip to Boston, but she would definitely be on my list of future prospects.
Othello, I have not met her but for what it's worth she has gotten some great reviews from the regular posters on TBD. Also, an ex-provider I know did a 2 girl date with Ashley a while ago and she told me that Ashley taught her a thing or two! Hmmm?

Good luck.