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Let's just say that this post is not an indictment on anyone but more of a let's do things better.

As some of you may already know, Hiyako Spa, a well known establishment had several incidents lately. As I stated before, I am not 100% sure of all that transpired but using the word incident will suffice.
Now to the heart of the matter, coughUtopiaguidecough, as seen it fit to censor the whole matter out of existence. The consensus is taht they are protecting advertisers but I also will assume that part of the reason, rightly so, is that if we are not aware of the facts we should not jump to any conclusions. Here is where a moderator earns his keep, not just putting out flame wars.
A moderator should take into account the facts and clues as to what has transpired and make the proper decisions.
a. some one posts that they saw a incident
b. some one states that they tried calling and there was no answer
c. Hiyako themselves, has not posted their usual and timely advertisements.

Even some of our lesser minded members can see a pattern here, they had an incident.
Now what does an incident mean to all,
a. some members are friendly with management
b. some members have friends or girlfriends on staff
c. members don't want to be caught around for another incident

So rather being immature or self serving the MODS should have made some kind of statement or editing to show that they are concerned with their members and the establishment being spoken of.

A disclaimer cold have been attached to the first signs of an incident posting:

***Please be aware that at this moment we do not have all the facts of the nature of the incident but do to the responsibility of our board to protect all involved, it is imperative that you do your research and make your own informed opinion. We also hope that the mgmnt of Hiyako also comes on to quell any rumors of an incident so our members feel comfortable visiting the establishment in the future.
We don't censor but we actually did
The Staff of UG and the Fish Man***

I think that disclaimer would have gone a long way for all parties involved.

But at the end of the day, it's all about money:(
Much Appreciated

Finally a smart and thoughtful post about this situation. I should have just laid low but all the bs got my blood boiling. We are supposed to be here to help each other find great and safe hobby spots to visit so you are right. It should have been handled differently by all.
Yeah, let's all download free porn from unknown sites.
Smart thing to do,,, NOT!!
UG seems to be getting a lot of spammers lately,,, why don't all of you spammers go to hell.
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I wanted to extol the virtues of one of the best monger tools around, GOOGLE VOICE.

Why is it such a great monger tool:
1. Gives you a number for you to use and share with providers
2. The number can be used to text to/from
3. It will serve as voice mail recovery
4. You can download an APP for the iphone, android and blackberrys.

Let's look at monger specific examples:
1. You wan to call a provider and you don't have a monger phone, when you get a Google telephone number and the App, when you call said provider you enable the Google number thru the App and the provider sees your Google number only.
1A. On your phone bill it shows the Google number not the provider number
1B. Providers call you back on the Google number and it forwards the calls to your regular number. Again no record of incoming hooker calls

2.Texting can be done thru your Google Voice app, send a text to anyone and all they see is your fake number, and when they reply it gets forwarded to you without her knowing

3. They call you back on your Google number and you can choose to receive notification via email, text or you stealthily check the Google Voice site when you have the chance.

Been using it for a few days now because I have been dealing with some new ladies and I want to keep a low profile. It works great and I recommend this for all the boys, you have question feel free to post and I will help out as best as I can.

1A. On your phone bill it shows the Google number not the provider number

how does this help if I dont want wifey seeing that I have a Google phone number when the bill comes? Cant this be handled online only?
1A. On your phone bill it shows the Google number not the provider number

how does this help if I dont want wifey seeing that I have a Google phone number when the bill comes? Cant this be handled online only?
Tell her that the Google number is a work contact and that should explain the number of calls to and from the number. May not explain the time of the call.

Other solution is just opt out of detained and or paper billing if you can. That way no printed record of numbers.