Mistress Malice 631-639-4705

I always find the strange ones. Private storefront studio in Ronkonkoma. She locks the door when you come inside. Older thin, kept clothed, NO TOUCHING. I wanted a massage with both an early and late release. She obliged for 175. Place was kinda dirty, bathroom discusting. She rescues animals, cat walking around, pidgeon in cage. Gypsy freaky type. Area she massages in was good enough, massage table, she said the towel was fresh. Dims lights, gypsy freaky soft music. She uses nice unscented lotion. I told her the first one needs to be asap, so I can enjoy massage (by the time I set something up with anyone, I'm already worked up, ready to explode). Did the deed, then nice 45 minute massage with lotion. Was pretty decent massage massaged ass then flip for round 2, was a success. So it felt great, got off 2x and very nice 45 min massage. Place wasn't clean, but the massage room/table was good enough. At first I was pissed no touching, but it was very relaxing theraputic. Was a little more then I like to spend, I'm like Iwannahj. I'm so worked up when I get a QV BBBJ for cheap, I always bust too fast. This was a nice change.
“Thin”, huh? She must have lost weight since I saw her. At the time I’d say she had a medium build and a healthy chest that was not off limits. Definitely full C’s for sure.
I dunno if she’s strange so much as quirky and who amongst us isn’t quirky? It is a private-ish storefront studio in Ronkonkoma. I say private-ish because one false step and you’ll be taken out by a vehicle traveling north on this well travelled road. She does lock the door when you come inside. I wouldn’t call her “older” unless you are in your 40’s. She is that hippy chic you wanted to bang in college but couldn’t and then met at the 20 year reunion where everything is possible. Her massage skills aren’t great unless you only want ST. Her services, in my experience, are topless and sheAllows roaming. I have seen her at least a half dozen times. I would not call the place “dirty” but I will confirm it isn’t anywhere near as clean as I like due to her animal rescue thing. She is the Gypsy freaky type. I do not believe the towels are fresh. She is pretty awesome at edging and the way she presents herself is pretty damn sexy!

In all the times I’ve seen her she uses unscented lotion and, again, her edging technique is second to none. She will have your toes curling and legs shaking in no time!

In summary, not the place to go for a massage but a decent place to get your freak on and finish with a pretty awesome handy.