Misadventures in Minnesota

Last week I was in Minnesota on business. As per usual I had some ladies planned for my trip. One was fantastic and asked me NOT to review as she was trying to stay UTR. A second one was a lot of fun but was not nearly as hot as her pics implied and a third which was a really depressing session.

Nobody here is going to Minnesota and due to screening they have my info so I am not going to disparage them by posting reviews where they can fairly easily make my life miserable. However ... the last girl I saw left a big impression on me.

20 somethin white girl. Looks in the pics were an 8.... looks for real like a 6. She is less than enthusiastic in her texts with me and actually no shows the night she was supposed to come see me. Like an idiot, I reschedule for the following night. She shows up looking ... not put together. No hug or kiss at the door. I offer her some wine to maybe get her a little more in the mood. She accepts but only sips a little. She offers to show me her CMT certificate. I am like ... I don't care about the massage ... She says that is how she starts. At this point I am thinking that I am in this for 90 minutes? Oh boy.

The massage was mediocre at best and she goes on to tell me about what is going on with her life ... typical hooker drama. Single mom of a mixed kid. Always broke, Used to strip. Car breaking down all the time. Blah Blah Blah.

After a mediocre massage ... we are onto the oral which is a lame bbbj. then she covers me up for CG ... she turns her head ... there will be no kissing I guess. Then we flip around for mish ... turns her head away ... seems distant, unresponsive ... I am not liking this at all ... so I finish ... hop off ... I go to the bathroom myself to clean up and flush the cover. She gulps down the rest of the wine and leaves. I was more than pleasant and I have never had any provider not be happy with me as a client. I paid this girl too much and probably more than she ever got before.

This was real depressing. Makes you think of why the hell we do this at all. Meanwhile the 1st girl I had given a couple of o's to and was smiling from ear to ear. Girl #2 was just a ton of fun and we had a great time together. My mongering ran the entire spectrum.

I posted this in the "through the looking glass" section and not the review section because It isn't a review and hopefully I have followed protocol correctly.

Will this experience stop me from mongering? NO! ... But I think I will stick to more reliable providers and handle my research better. I am going to Chicago in a few weeks. I will be seeing Audrey Davis who I have seen and reviewed before and could have been my best experience ever. I am also seeing another well reviewed provider who supposedly has a great attitude. I guess we will find out!

Also ... I had used V three days in a row and gave me a new side effect ... a REALLY killer back ache. Once the V was out of my system my back was fine.